A Double Car Seat Stroller Is a Must-Have For Twins Or Two Young Kids

A double car seat stroller is an essential item for twins or two young kids. The Joovy TwinRoo+ allows infant car seats facing either way, and also has the option of a sit-and-stand configuration for older children.

A baby jogger is another option for parents who wish to take their children on a running journey. What stroller is the best for you?

Easy to Fold

The Best double Stroller double strollers are easy to fold, whether trying to store them in your car or fit them through a doorway. Most models come with a lever that lets you to fold the base and flip the seat back. Some also have a handle at the top of the stroller, which allows you to lift and carry the whole thing, while some have an integrated kickstand that holds the folded stroller up until you’re ready to use it again.

A double stroller that can accommodate two infant car seats as well as an add-on riding board is a great choice if you have twins or are planning to have more than one child in the future. One of the most popular options is the Baby Trend Double Snap-N-Go, which is able to accept all brands of infant car seats and has seats that are stadium-style so that both kids can enjoy the sights. This model does not “snap in” the car seats. Instead, you utilize a strap net to secure the seats. The frame rests against the frame.

Look into strollers with front and rear wheels which lock to facilitate better steering on uneven terrain. A padded three-position handle offers comfort and control and the parent tray includes two cup holders as well as a covered storage compartment. Certain models come with bigger baskets which can hold more gear.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a jogging stroller may be a better choice over a standard stroller however it isn’t easy to lift and carry with no designated handle. Some jogging strollers come with a hook to connect an infant car seat which can give parents up to eight months more walking time. However, this can be risky for infants younger than six months. It is best to discuss it with your pediatrician first. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie, and Thule Urban Glide 2 Double have lightweight folding systems that can be done with one hand. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite is also a great choice for outdoor activities and can be used to seat one child in the main seat or two toddler seats that can be converted to bassinet-style seating.


A double stroller is a valuable tool for families who are on moving. It should be durable enough to be able to traverse all surfaces including suburban sidewalks and trails in parks, and is comfortable for infants that may need to lie flat to toddlers who wish to sit up and explore. Idealy it will be able to accommodate different seating arrangements for children at different ages. It should also fit neatly into the trunk of your vehicle.

This versatile tandem stroller from CYBEX is a good choice for all kinds of terrain. It has a recliner seat for toddlers and accepts an infant car seat. Its adjustable foot and leg rests keep children comfortable, and its generous UPF 50+ canopy and peekaboo windows offer both seats plenty of sun protection. The baby bouncer that is available lets kids ride in either of the seats or stand on it. The harness buckles with no-rethread are among the easiest we’ve tested, making it easy to get them into and out.

Despite being a double stroller, this one is lightweight and compact. It has plenty of storage space, including a large cargo net underneath the seats, and a huge bag on the top. Parents are awed by the padded handlebars as well as the way that the seats recline. However, some complain that the seat backs don’t fully collapse to a completely flat position.

A similar lightweight, barebones tandem stroller is this model by Kolcraft which weighs less than 23 pounds and can carry children up to 40 lbs per seat (80 pounds total). It has large pop-out canopy which provide shade. They also have peekaboo windows as well as a self-standing fold. It comes with a carrying strap for easy schlepping and 7-inch swivel lock front wheels as well as 10-inch back wheels that have suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride.

This budget-friendly double stroller is the lightest frame we have tested, and is an excellent choice for families with two kids of similar ages. It doesn’t work with infant car seats, but it can still fit two of the best-rated convertible carseats and has a handy cup holder for both of the riders. The seats feature a no-rethread safety harness that is simple and quick to secure. They also have plenty of storage under the seat without disturbing passengers.

Convenient Storage

It is important to think about the amount of storage that a stroller provides, especially if you have two children and their toys. Some of our favorites come with plenty of storage. They have a huge basket that can accommodate the adult equipment and snacks for children. The UPPAbaby’s one-hand folding is easy and doesn’t strain your back.

Other models, like the Joovy TwinRoo+ Car Seat Frame Double Stroller are smaller and have less space but offer decent range of features for a cheap cost. This model works with 23 different infant car seats and cradles every seat this is a major benefit compared to other twin buggy from birth frames that strap cars into place and aren’t built to last as long as the infant car seat itself.

Many parents of twins select a tandem model that can take care of both infant car seats at the same time however, these strollers usually cost significantly more than single double stroller strollers and have less life span as kids grow out of them. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that will work even as your twins get older, think about a vehicle that is designed to carry two child car seats. It should come with two canopy and a simple to use parent tray with cupholders.

While it’s important to make sure your stroller is able to handle all the weight and motion that you’ll be placing on it, you’ll also want to make sure your children are able to sit comfortably. Our testers searched for padding, a good adjustments to the height of the straps on their shoulders and buckles that don’t require two hands to operate. Some models, such as the UPPAbaby Vista V2 and Evenflo Pivot Xpand have recline seats that let children sleep comfortably. Other models, like the Joovy Caboose Ultralight graphite and Graco Duet, have seats with only a few recline options.

Another thing to think about is the number and location of sunshades. Certain models, such as the UPPAbaby Vista v2 and Evenflo Pivot have two canopy options that cover both seats and others, like the Joovy Caboose and Graco Duet, have only one canopy, with windows that open for the rear passenger. It’s a good idea if your child is known to fall asleep in a specific position. However, it is important to remember that the window will only provide the bare minimum of coverage.


The most important aspect of a stroller to think about is its ease of use. Look for a seat that is spacious enough for both children and has reclining positions. The canopy should be big enough to provide some shade, and there should be a tray for parents with two cup holders. Other helpful features include locking front wheels, as well as a parent organizer that comes with snacks and diaper bags.

The top double car seat strollers also have safety features that will help your children feel secure. Select a stroller that comes with a 5-point safety harness which secures your child’s shoulders as well as hips, which are among the most rigid areas of their body. This type of restraint is safer than a lap belt because it shifts the extreme forces from an accident and into the seat.

It is also important to consider how the stroller will fit in your home. You should make sure the stroller is able to fit into your closet or trunk before you buy it. Also, you should take measurements of any doors you have to traverse when the stroller is in use. Doors that are standard size are 30 to 36 inches wide, but some are wider.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Double is an excellent budget-friendly choice. It offers two infant car seats, and two toddler seats that can be positioned either forward or backward. It’s comparable to higher-end double car seat strollers, however, it’s less expensive for families with growing children. The one-hand fold and front foot brake make it easy to move around, while the padded 3-position handle is ideal for mom or dad. Located beneath the oversized cargo basket is a convenient back zippered compartment that can be used to access larger items. The swivels in the rear and front have suspension for smooth riding in all terrains. The no-rethread belt makes it easy to fasten your child’s seatbelts. It’s machine washable and it’s easy to spot-clean.

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