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This is a great double pushchair for those seeking a model that is cheap and offers an excellent value. It can be used either as a tandem or side-byside pram. It is designed to stop sibling fights by giving children the option of facing each other or away from eachother.

The frame’s clever design expands wide enough to accommodate an additional seat and it can take two car seats or carrycots. It’s a great option for families with twins.


A good-quality double pushchair can cost hundreds of pounds. If you purchase one that is built to last, it should be worth the money. A quality brand will also help ensure that your buggy will keep its resale value as well as providing a good level of comfort for both children and parents.

It is essential to think about the dimensions and folding capabilities of a double pushchair prior purchasing one. Many models can be folded into a compact size, making them easier to store. Some models can be bulky, requiring a larger space for storage. It is also important to think about the suspension and weight of the pushchair, since this can affect its performance on uneven surfaces and kerbs.

They may be difficult to fit through narrow hallways and doors because they are broader. They can help climb over and down the kerbs.

Certain models can be used with two car seats and a baby carrier, making them an excellent choice for twins. Other models, like the Uppababy Vista V2 Double, can be used with both infant car seats as well as toddler seats. They also have the option of a bassinet, which is ideal for newborns.

The Leclerc Influencer is a budget-friendly option for parents who want a stroller that is versatile. It can be used as a single stroller or double. It comes with a large basket with front and rear suspension and a large shopping bag. It is available in a variety of colors, including sunflower, daisy and leopard, among others.

For those looking for a more stylish model, the egg2 is a popular option. The egg2 is available as a single or

A great option for growing families, the UPPAbaby Vista 2 is a multi-purpose stroller that can be used with two infant car seats and a running board for mobile older children. It is a little more expensive than our main tandem model however it has a great selling value and is made of high-quality materials. It is easy to use and our Lab experts appreciate the feature that it folds using only one hand and without the need for a complicated latching mechanism.


When looking for a budget double pushchair, there are a variety of aspects to take into consideration, including size, style, and features. The most important factor to consider is whether the product is suited to your family’s requirements. There are two types of doubles, inline and side-by-side (one seat is directly behind the other). Each type has its own pros and cons.

The side-by-side model has two fixed seats. It is best for siblings or twins who are of the same age, but it can also be used by one child. They are larger than single-seat buggies, and are able to navigate tight spaces, kerbs and doorways easier. They also may have limited storage space and be difficult to push over uneven terrain.

Inline models are designed with one seat in front of the other and are best suited for older toddlers or children. They can be used with a single infant car seat and could come with a larger basket than side-by-side models. However, inline products rarely offer the same number of features that other lightweight strollers, including cups for each child and an independent sunshade.

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Double is a full-size double inline buggy with a variety of seating options that can take two infant car seats or toddler seats. It can be equipped with two bassinet seats or transformed into a triple. This makes it an excellent option for growing families. In our Lab tests, this model was easy to operate and folds up into a compact size, using a clever ‘one-click’ system that doesn’t require the removal of seats. It also comes with a large undercarriage basket and is compatible with all the popular car seats.

The egg2 is a favorite of parents, offering an elegant frame and a compact size that’s ideal for urban streets that are crowded. It can be used as an individual child, a double stroller for twins, babies/toddlers of different ages, or a triple stroller when you add the UPPAbaby’s “PiggyBack’ board (available separately). The double-to-triple pushchair is not as light as other pushchairs but it does have great durability and a huge shopping basket.


The best cheap nipper double buggy pushchairs are designed with the comfort of both parents and babies in mind. They have a good height for the seat and reclining options so you can choose whether one of your children sits up or lies down and will both enjoy a view of the world. Some models come with a large shopping basket, and some have rear suspensions to allow you to navigate over bumps and uneven surfaces.

The egg2 is a very popular choice for twin families. It has won a number of awards and is a consistent award winner. It is a stylish single-to-double stroller that is able to accommodate two infant car seats, or baby carriers and toddler seats. This makes it able to be used by a variety of families.

It’s heavier than some of our other budget models, however it has a big shopping basket. The front and rear suspension makes it easy to push through all terrains. The padded seat liner and the fleecy feetmuff are optional extras that cost PS24 each.

We also love that it comes with an innovative one-hand fold, which is great for those who have both hands full of little children. One of our testers said it takes a bit of practice but it’s surprisingly easy and much easier than the other double buggies she’s used.

The egg2 is a favorite due to its huge sun canopy, which covers both child seats and the handy footmuff that your baby or toddler can use. The egg2 also comes with an impressive UPF 50+ hood that features a peekaboo view. Our test subjects thought it was a good size, and it could be extended to create shade.

If you’re looking for a side-byside that can function as a single buggy and has the added bonus of a carrycot that can be reversible, we recommend the Roma Gemini. It features a clever system to attach and remove the cots to convert the pushchair into a twin pram, which our test subjects loved. The simple one-handed folding process that takes only minutes and the fact that the front seat reclines for newborns were also appreciated by our testers.


Some cheap double pushchairs include storage space in the form of bins or boxes that can be placed underneath the seat. Some also come with a large shopping basket that sits between the seats for easier access. The Cybex Geo 3 is an example of this offering a staggering 23kg of space in single mode, and a spacious undercarriage storage basket when it is used as double. It also has a practical, easy-to use standing fold that our Lab expert really liked. You can activate it with one hand.

Another fashionable option is the egg2 pushchair. loved for its sleek design and compact dimensions, but that can expand to accommodate twins, or even toddlers and babies with the addition of its ‘PiggyBack’ board (available separately). It can even carry three kids if you include two cocoons. It doesn’t have the fancy standing fold you see in some rivals, but our lab experts were impressed with its simple opening procedure that requires only lifting a latch.

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