Why Choose a Parent Facing Pushchair?

If you’re looking for a stroller that lets your baby face you when out and about, our range of strollers that face the parents is ideal. They are also available in double versions with independently rectors.

Studies have revealed that infants who travel in buggies with their parents have lower heart rate and also fall asleep more quickly than those who travel in buggies facing away. This is because the babies have more eye contact with their parents.


It is widely acknowledged that babies and toddlers are most likely to learn through eye contact. This gives them the chance to absorb all the things around them and is a crucial factor in their cognitive development. When choosing a pushchair, you might want to consider one that faces the parent.

It’s not just beneficial for your bonding with your child, but also for their cognitive development and overall well-being. In a recent study it was found that infants who sat facing their parents were more likely to start a conversation and respond vocally. Their heart rates dropped significantly more than infants who were in a buggy facing towards the front.

This means that a parent facing pushchair creates a safe and nurturing environment that allows your child to build trust and confidence so they can take a break and relax during their trips. You can also monitor your baby’s signals and reactions so you can respond quickly to their needs, whether it is a comforting hug, a drink, snack or reassurance that they are safe.

Having direct eye-contact with your child also makes it easier for you to read their body language and facial expressions. This is important as it can indicate that they’re tired, hungry or unhappy and allows you to react appropriately and, in turn, make them more happy and content.

Of course, if your child decides that they’re not in the mood for eye contact, it’s okay. Most of the time, when they glance away, it’s because they need an escape from the stimulation that is your face, and instead, they prefer to concentrate on other aspects of their surroundings.

The Cosatto To & Fro is an excellent choice for a pushchair that is geared towards parents. It’s an extremely rated stroller that has the ability to reversibly move from front to back which lets you use it in both the parent and world-facing modes. It’s also compatible with the travel system and has a lie-flat seat that can be used in any position, and numerous reclining positions to accommodate your child.


In parent facing pushchairs you can see your baby’s reactions to the world around them, and swiftly respond to their needs. You can soothe them with a hug or soothing words if they’re irritable. This physical connection with them gives them a sense safety and security, which is especially important for infants and toddlers.

In studies, babies seated in buggies that face towards the front were twice as likely as children facing the parent to engage in conversation and respond. Baby strollers with a face-to-face feature were also found to have lower heart rates and fell asleep more easily than those in pushchairs with a forward-facing view which indicates higher levels of relaxation and contentment.

It’s crucial to remember that the world around your child is always a source of stimulation and this can be overwhelming for some young children. They’ll love to listen to you and gaze at your face, but it’s best to allow them to explore the world independently. This will give them a better appreciation for the beauty of their surroundings and allow them to feel confident exploring with you nearby.

Many parents opt to slowly change from a parent-facing pushchair to a street-facing pushchair newborn which allows their child to explore the outside world at their own pace. This is a simple way to assist your child transition into the next stage without feeling overwhelmed. You can also buy a reversible stroller like the Cosatto To & Fro which can be used both in the world-facing and parent-facing modes.

Choosing the right pushchair is a crucial decision for every new parent. Whether you opt for a forward-facing or a parent-facing pushchair, choosing one that best suits your child’s needs will ensure their comfort and safety. Furthermore, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing you can track their development and progress easily. This is an excellent method to make the initial years of your baby’s existence with you enjoyable and positive. So make sure you pick the best pushchair for your baby and you’ll both be grateful in the future!


Parent-facing pushchairs allow you to interact with your baby throughout the journey. They can see and hear you, which gives them a feeling of security and intimacy. This may reduce anxiety about separation when they are away from school or at home. This could also aid in their cognitive development and aid in the acquisition of language as they learn from your facial expressions.

If your child is avoiding from you while in their pushchair, it does not mean that they’re not curious about what’s happening around them. It’s simply an opportunity for them to take a time out and process all the information they’re receiving while exploring their surroundings. They can then return to you for reassurance and comfort.

The ability to see your child’s reaction to the world around them from a pushchair with a parent’s view is vital, especially when they are tired or hungry and require you to feed them. You can respond to their needs quicker and effectively. This makes your trips more enjoyable.

Research shows that babies in a buggy with their parents are more likely than children who are seated away to talk and laugh with them. Parents talked twice as much to their children in buggies that face each other, and babies were also more likely to respond. Their heart rates were lower if they were with their parents, indicating they were less stressed.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk carried out a small study with 20 babies that were pushed in pushchairs across a one mile stretch in Dundee; half of the children took an away-facing journey and the other half was in an a face-to-face buggy. She found that babies fell asleep easier and their heart rates slowed more frequently when they were in pushchairs facing the parents. She concluded that the absence of communication and interaction with parents who were away from the buggies affected the infants’ physical and mental development.

The results of this study were misinterpreted by many and can create unnecessary anxiety for new parents. The use of heart rate as a gauge of stress is not reliable and is affected by a variety of factors, like excitement or pleasure It is therefore crucial parents don’t become too concerned about their infants heart rate when they are in a pushchair.


When the baby is in a parent facing pushchair they feel secure and secure during their outings. This is especially crucial for babies who are new to the world and could be easily overwhelmed by their surroundings. The security of knowing that their parents are near will encourage them to explore, but with the knowledge that they are not alone.

It is also easier for parents to talk where to buy pushchairs their children when they’re in a pushchair with a parent’s face. This interaction is fun for both parties, and more so when the child starts to talk and name things around them. It is beneficial to encourage this as it can help develop language skills and build that crucial bond.

Some parents prefer keeping their child in a pushchair that is facing the parent until the age of nine months old. At the age of nine, they can switch over to a stroller that faces forward. For a lot of families, this is a straightforward transition because the child will enjoy the closeness and connection with their parents. This is not an issue as there are plenty of versatile buggies that can adapt to the changing needs of children, with some offering convertible seats that allow the seat to be switched between the parent and the world.

For instance the iCandy Pegasus 3 in One offers an easy switch between parent and world-facing and allows parents to chat to their baby face-to-face or let them discover the sights of the city by paying attention. This makes the iCandy popular with families.

Kate Middleton chose the Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance when Prince George was born. The classic design is updated with contemporary features to make it a comfortable place to relax for your child on their outings. It comes in a variety of colors and styles of hoods, so you can match it with your personal style. It is also able to accommodate the Cot S or Cocoon S car seat, so you can create the perfect travel system for your child.

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