Auto Accident Attorneys

You may be left with a high medical bill and a decrease in income and suffering and pain as a result of a car crash. The party responsible for your accident should be held accountable for these losses.

A New York City rothschild auto accident lawyer accident attorney can help you obtain the full amount of compensation for your losses. An experienced car accident lawyer will also shield you from unreasonable denials by insurance companies.

Distracted driving

Every driver is responsible to drive in a safe manner and pay attention to the road. Distracted driving is the primary cause of collisions and near-collisions and can be extremely dangerous for other motorists on the road. If you’ve suffered injuries due to distracted drivers you could be entitled to compensation.

Distracted driving can involve eating, reaching for things in the car, engaging with passengers changing dashboard controls, such as the temperature or radio or personal grooming such as shaving or applying makeup, and more. This involves eating, reaching into the car for things, interacting with passengers and adjusting dashboard controls like the radio or temperature. It can also include personal grooming such as shaving or applying makeup.

According to research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, approximately 80 percent of all crashes and 65 percent of close-collisions result from driver distraction. Even taking your eyes off the road for five seconds when you’re driving at 55 mph could increase your risk of crashing.

A seasoned auto accident lawyer is able to assist you if been injured in an accident caused by an unintentionally distracted driver. They will review your case and make strongest arguments in favor of full compensation. This includes covering all your current and future costs.

Car crashes

Car accidents can take on numerous forms, ranging from minor fender benders up to massive head-on collisions. The type of accident determines who is at fault, as does the extent and severity of the victims’ injuries and the amount of financial losses.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash statistics reveal that driver errors are the primary cause of motor vehicle accidents. Even the tiniest distraction such as flipping through radio channels, putting on makeup or looking at a map could result in a serious accident. Other common causes of car accidents include reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving, poor road conditions and weather, as well as inexperienced or elderly drivers.

A competent New York City car accident lawyer can examine your case and determine the parties accountable for your injuries and financial losses. They can also negotiate a fair settlement with the insurer of the defendant.

A skilled greenville auto accident lawyer accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you’re due for your injuries and losses that include future and past medical expenses as well as lost earnings, emotional and physical distress, and other damages. They can also ensure that your claim for compensation includes the coverage of uninsured or under-insured motorists should it be required. This is particularly important if the driver at fault does not have insurance, or has only the minimum amount required by New York law.

Uninsured or underinsured motorists

Some drivers don’t carry car insurance, and some have a limited coverage. If an under- or uninsured driver is responsible for causing a crash, it can be especially difficult to recover compensation for the losses. In these instances, it is important to have a skilled lawyer representing you and the insurer.

When the other driver’s liability limits aren’t high enough to pay for your losses, you may be able to file a claim under your own insurance policy’s underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. This type of insurance is usually part of an insurance policy that covers all of your needs, and it can provide you with important security in the event of an accident.

The process of filing UIM/UM claims is similar to that of making a typical car accident claim. It generally involves submitting copies of your medical bills and repair bills for your automobile. The insurance company will analyze these and other documents to determine whether your losses fall within the bounds of the other driver’s coverage.

It is recommended to speak with an New York City car accident attorney as soon as you can after the accident and file an UIM/UM claim immediately, particularly when the other driver claims they do not have or lack insurance coverage. This allows your lawyer to work with the other driver’s insurance provider and their own underinsured/uninsured coverage providers to get you maximum compensation for your loss.

Property damage

If your car was damaged in a collision, you can pursue compensation for the repairs through the at-fault party’s insurance company. Our lawyers can assist you file a claim for both economic and non-economic damages, including the cost of your medical expenses and lost income. You may also be able to claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

We will take note of every physical evidence you have in your case. This includes taking pictures of the accident site, your property and any damage, such as scratches and broken glass. We will also collect copies of any accident or police reports, and will secure any essential witness information.

The law in New York State is based on negligence in a comparative manner. This means that if you are found to be partially responsible for an accident, you’ll be reduced in damages by the proportion of blame you’re given. The defendant could also be found to be totally responsible for the accident and, therefore, not eligible to claim any compensation at all.

Be sure not to give any oral or written declarations to representatives of the at-fault party’s insurance companies, as they can be later used against you in court. It is also recommended to see a doctor as soon possible after the incident. Some injuries can take time to show and could be used against you in court if you attempt to claim compensation.

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