Buying Guide For Double Strollers

If you have two kids that are in the same age group A double stroller can be a great investment. These compact tandem buggies or versatile side-by-side buggies let you keep both children within sight while you shop, parks, and whatever else life throws at you.


When you are looking for a double stroller, the comfort is an important consideration. This can include both the seating arrangement as well as the overall size of the stroller, which affects the convenience and storage. “Parents should determine how much the stroller weighs as well as its dimensions when folded,” says child development expert and mom Katie Billingsley of Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat. “They should also think about the seat recline options, as well as the ages of their children to ensure that it is a perfect fit.”

A good double stroller will be robust enough to navigate different surfaces smoothly–from urban sidewalks to parks trails, and from infant car seats to toddler booster seats. It should also have flexible seating arrangements for children of different age groups and comfort features such as windows that can be opened and closed to keep kids shielded from rain or sun.

The seating options are important to many families who will utilize a double stroller from birth to the age of. “There are two main categories – in-line with one seat behind the other, and side-by-side with seats next to each other,” Billingsley explains. “Some parents prefer an in-line stroller due to its sleek design and versatility, whereas others prefer a wagon-style double stroller that can be used to store large items or groceries.”

While some products may have different recline options–with one seat being almost flat, while the other one remains upright–this type of disparity is more prevalent in models that are in-line. Billingsley suggests selecting a model with both a near flat recline as well as leg rest adjustments for both seats. This will ensure that both children lay down comfortably.

She also suggests that parents look for strollers with storage compartments so that they can quickly access snacks, personal items and toys when moving about. She also recommends that it is helpful to find a stroller which comes with a parent console or organizer bag attached on the handlebars. This can help parents keep their essentials at hand.

Some of the most highly-rated double strollers are expandable, allowing parents to customize the layout to meet the needs of their growing family. The Mockingbird Expandable, for instance is a highly-rated double stroller which can be used twin buggy from birth birth with a single seat, and later converted into a tandem (with two seats and a bassinet) as the child grows older.


Double strollers must be able to support the weight of two passengers–plus any additional cargo. Strollers need to be easy to maneuver and push, particularly on rough terrain or in tight spaces. The best strollers have ergonomic handlebars that can be adjusted in height, making it easier for parents to maintain a good posture when pushing them. A no-rethread harness, which makes adjusting seat belts quicker and easier to do, is a nice feature to look for. Finally, a sturdy brake system and wheels that can glide over any surface are crucial safety features.

Some parents choose an arrangement that allows both children to see one another during family outings. This arrangement can reduce sibling squabbles about who gets to sit in which spot, but it isn’t foolproof. If the seats are different heights, a child may kick or punch another during a walk in the event that the seats are at different levels.

A tandem-style stroller is a great option for parents with twins or siblings who are similar in age. It lets them be able to see both children simultaneously. However, they can be more spacious than other double strollers, so they might not be able to pass through all doors in your home. You could consider a single-to-double stroller that can be transformed from a single to double in various ways. Popular models include the CYBEX gazelle S.

If you decide to purchase a side-by-side or tandem-style stroller, be sure the product is JPMA-certified to meet strict safety standards. Pay attention to the maximum weight limit for each seat. If you exceed these limits, it could cause frame fatigue or other issues.

It’s easy to get caught in the sound of bells and whistles, however it’s important to remember that strollers are basically baby carriers that will be used for extended durations. It should be comfortable for both parents and children and easy to clean and maintain, and most importantly, it should offer an intuitive, familiar design so that the person pushing it is able to easily maneuver it without having to think about how to move forward and turn left or right, or even apply the brakes.

Easy of Use

For families who are constantly on the move, a double stroller needs to be able to navigate a variety of terrains. Strollers with features such as windows that can be opened and closed, adjustable canopy and reliable brake systems are crucial to ensure the safety of your children. But there are other factors that make them simpler to use. A stroller must be compact enough to fit into the trunk of your vehicle and still provide plenty of storage space for food or other items. It’s also important to include thoughtful features, like cups holder for one parent as well as consoles for parents and a snack tray. These will help make traveling with two children much more enjoyable.

During our testing we rated each stroller on how well it performed on a variety of terrains, and how easily it maneuvered in tight spaces. We also looked at how simple it was to fold and unfold, and whether or not a specific feature enhanced the overall performance of the stroller. A stroller without rethread straps is easy to adjust the seat belts. This can be a huge benefit for parents who are on the move since it reduces time and removes the need to re-thread the harness.

The UPPAbaby Vista v2 Double was a top performer in this metric, as it offered an impressive range of seating configurations as well as additional accessories to accommodate families that are growing. The wagon-style double stroller can be expanded to provide two seats as well as a bassinet, or a toddler-friendly riding board, which is ideal for active families planning long, tiring days with multiple children of different ages. It glides easily over pavements, cobblestones, and ball fields. It can also be folded flat to be stored in a trunk or closet. Our test subject Kerry loved the simple and easy-to-use nature of the stroller’s design. Its smart packaging with clearly labeled sections as well as a an informative user guide made putting together this stroller a breeze.


A double stroller has the potential to hold twice as much stuff as a single double stroller stroller so make sure you have plenty of storage space. You want a stroller with enough storage space to accommodate the necessities of children and parents including bottles, toys, snacks, and diapers. Find baskets under the seat as well as other pockets, and consider a stroller with an expandable cargo space that can carry bulky items like lunch bags and diaper bags.

A good double stroller should be able to adjust as your family expands. Billingsley says that some models have an attachment for a bassinet to accommodate newborns. Other models come with child seats which can grow with the child until they are old enough to ride on the back. Some double strollers even include a rider board that allows older children to take part in the fun.

There are many double strollers on the market. You can pick from high-performance models that are great for rough terrain, as well as more budget-friendly options that you can use every day. While shopping, read reviews and recommendations of families like yours to get a better idea of what you can expect from the double stroller that you select.

Double strollers are available in three styles: tandem, side-by-side and wagon-style. Billingsley states that side-byside strollers are the most adaptable and ideal for twins or children of similar age. Tandem double strollers feature two seats that are set in a tandem arrangement with the opposite direction facing. This is a good option for children who are similar age or siblings who prefer to play with one another. Tandem strollers are more difficult to maneuver through tight spaces, and are less likely to pass through doorways than their side-by-side counterparts.

If you’re looking for a wagon-style double stroller check out this top pick from Safety 1st. This model is affordable and was praised by testers for its multiple seating configurations. It can be used with two infant car seats or one child sitting in a convertible toddler seat. Our testers also loved the comfy memory foam seats, 50+ SPF canopy, and foam-filled tires that will never get flat. When it’s time to fold, this model only requires just a few nudges on the straps under each seat (under the seats where kids sit) to fold.

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