A Birth Defect Lawyer Can Help Your Family Achieve Justice

A birth defect for a child could drastically alter the life of your family. It is imperative to act swiftly when a medical professional committed an error during your pregnancy which led to your child’s condition.

A birth injury lawyer with experience can help you bring an action against the accountable parties. In the meantime, you can begin gathering bills, receipts and credit card statements.

The causes of birth defects

The exact causes of birth defects aren’t always known. However, some of them are due to genetic issues, in which genes aren’t functioning properly, or are absent completely (like Turner syndrome and Down syndrome). They could also be caused by chromosomal disorders, where chromosomes have too many or there are not enough cells.

These issues are usually identified in utero using ultrasound or amniocentesis. A sample of amniotic liquid from the uterus is taken and tested to identify genetic and chromosomal variations. In some instances, however, doctors won’t discover the birth defect until the child is born or shows symptoms, for example, having an extra finger, cleft lip, or club foot.

Birth problems can be caused by issues in the nervous system, brain or musculoskeletal system. These issues affect the joints, muscles and bones. They can range from moderate to severe and affect how a person looks or functions, including physical strength, ability to learn and mobility.

Some birth defects are unavoidable but some can be avoided. Couples with a history of certain inherited disorders should think about genetic testing before attempting to have children. Avoiding exposure to certain chemicals and drugs along with illnesses and other environmental factors can reduce the risk of birth defects. Medical mistakes and negligence in the care of pregnant women can also result in birth defects. It is crucial to consult a birth defect attorney when you suspect that the medical error could have caused your child’s condition.

Medical Malpractice

Birth defects cases that involve medical negligence are usually complex and require expert testimony. A medical malpractice lawyer who is compassionate and knowledgeable will assist you and your family receive the money you need to ensure your child’s regular life.

To determine whether you’re in a medical malpractice case Your lawyer will begin by identifying your child’s birth defect and connecting it to the medical professionals who were involved in the delivery. Your attorney should also know the date that the birth defect of your child was identified. This is important since it will help you know the time frame you must file a claim before the statute of limitations expires.

Your attorney should have access to any documents you have concerning the birth defect of your child, including bills, receipts and credit card transactions. This evidence will allow your attorney to establish the extent of the harm your child sustained and determine what compensation you are entitled to.

Birth defects can be caused by a variety of causes like genetic conditions and medications, or exposure to diseases and infections. However, the majority of birth defects are not caused by medical malpractice or other negligence. Medical malpractice claims are only valid when a doctor does not fulfill his or her duty to care and this failure causes castle Rock birth defect lawsuit injury.


Birth defects are the result of abnormalities that develop in a baby’s body during the birth process or during pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control explains that these defects may affect any part of the body of the baby and can vary from mild to risky.

Most of the time, these ailments are a result of genetics or mother’s lifestyle. However, in other cases medical negligence could be the cause of the child’s condition. A skilled Hyattsville birth defect lawyer can assist parents identify the cause of their child’s ailment and take legal actions.

The use of drugs can cause grave birth defects in the foetus. These substances are known as teratogens and include both prescription drugs as well as street drugs. Thalidomide was once extensively used as an anti-nausea drug and sleep aid medication for pregnant women, but it turned out to cause some of the most catastrophic birth defects ever recorded. It caused limb reduction defects as well as other mental and physical impairments.

Doctors are required by law to evaluate the risks of certain medications they prescribe to pregnant women. If they fail to do so they may be guilty of malpractice. Pharmaceutical pharmacies and companies have the obligation to inform women of the potential risk involved in taking their products.

Toxic Exposure

Certain birth defects can be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals during the uterus. These chemicals may be present in the medications that pregnant mothers take and in the environment at home or work as well as in toxic chemical agents in a workplace. These chemicals, often referred to as teratogens may cause serious birth defects, such as spina bifida. They may also trigger degenerative delays, skeletal anomalies as well as brain damage and muscular dystrophy.

Certain toxins, like arsenic and cadmium, are found in soil and drinking water. Lead is a well-known contaminant that can be found on the walls of your home, paint, art materials, plastics, cosmetics, and many other products. Other toxic substances include pharmaceuticals, including selective serotonin receptor inhibitors (SSRIs) which have been found to increase the risk of birth defects.

A lawyer with expertise in birth defect cases can assist parents in determining if chemicals or drugs were the main cause of their child’s hilliard birth defect law firm injury. In these instances our lawyers could bring a product liability claim against a drug or chemical manufacturer who has developed and manufactured dangerous chemical or medication. We can also file a lawsuit against doctors who prescribe drugs that are identified to have harmful side effects on pregnant women.

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