Buying a Twin Buggy

This selection of double pushchair buggies and prams are ideal for parents with twins or children with similar age. Tandem models provide greater mobility on public transportation as well as in smaller spaces.

Side-by-side buggies, such as the Out n About Nipper Double are slim enough to pass through the majority of doorways and take up less space on the road. Look for a recline that is independent and impressive suspension to tackle the tough terrain.


You need a twin stroller that is comfortable if you plan to take twins out. You can select a seat that has adjustable calfrests to keep your babies comfortable, and a sun canopy that extends and a huge storage basket. Many manufacturers offer additional features such as cup holders and rain covers so that you have everything you require when you go on family trips.

The width of your buggy is an important factor to take into consideration. There are a few twins with a slimmer profile that will fit through standard doors however, you’ll need to measure them and consult the manufacturer prior to purchasing. Also, remember that if your twins are different ages and have varying needs you’ll need to adjust the seating arrangement regularly.

Duet V3.2, a side by side twin buggy with many configurations, is perfect for twins or siblings of different age. It comes with 17 different options and can be used as a travel system when combined with a compatible infant carrier or car seat. The clever frame expands in width, not height. This makes it one the slimmest side-by-side options.

The model also comes with two seats with a world-facing view that can be used for babies from birth. They can be adapted to accommodate cosido or a parent-facing carrycot so that parents can monitor both their infants at all times. The seats can be adjusted so that you can find the perfect position for your child. The UPF50+ large canopy with magnetic peekaboo window and adjustable calf supports provides protection from the elements.

The Graco Voyager inline twin buggy is a great budget-friendly option for toddlers and kids up to age three. The seats can be reclined in a variety of positions, and the front wheel suspension provides it a smooth ride over the majority of surfaces. Our Lab experts loved the folding method: pull up on a strap located on each seat, and you’ll have it folded in just a few seconds and you don’t have to remove them first.


The best twin buggies come with a suspension that can handle grass, gravel paths and kerbs. Some have two wheels on the front for extra stability when navigating rough roads or bumpy terrain. You can search for features like an auto-stop feature that will stop the buggy once you release the handlebar. This lets you stop it before it rolls. Be sure to check the weight limit of a double buggy if you intend to take your kids on a walk or run. It’s also a good idea to test the recline of your seat to ensure that your kids are comfortable on long walks or jogs.

There are three kinds of twin buggies: tandem and one-seated. The side-by-side model is ideal for twins and siblings that are very close in age. They can both sit together to talk and interact during walks. This kind of twin buggy may be narrower than other types that makes them more convenient to manoeuvre and fit through doors. They could be heavier, have a bigger footprint, and feel less stable when bumping kerbs.

Tandem buggy models are more likely to be double-travel systems, and offer the possibility of attaching two carrycots or car seats simultaneously. Certain models can be expanded to accommodate two infants in the same car seat in rear-facing mode. They could be narrower and longer than twin buggies that sit side-by-side. However, they may also be smaller and longer than single buggies.

One-seated models are usually much smaller than other kinds of double buggy and make up less road. This makes them an excellent choice for siblings or twins of varying ages, who prefer to sit alongside each other and not wake each other up by pulling their hair or fighting. Some models have independent recline positions, so your children can sleep comfortably without kicking each other.


If your kids would like to take their favorite dolls or teddies on an excursion with them, you can do it easily with a twin buggy. Many models come with seats where two children can sit side-by-side to interact and some come with a handy carry basket that folds down to store everything.

There are twin buggies available in various price ranges. But, it’s worth paying a little more to purchase a model that is simple to use and will grow with your family. For example, the Joie Evalite Duo is a excellent choice that you can purchase on the internet for around 200 dollars. Its backrest is flat for newborns and upright for a toddler. Its design is user-friendly, featuring a single-handed fold and a simple unfold. It is easy to roll, and suspension makes it easy to work with the kerbs.

The iCandy Peach 7 offers another flexible option. It offers 30 different seating configurations, including twins, a child, a toddler or three children if you add the UPPAbaby’s “PiggyBack’ board (which can be purchased separately for about PS120). The slim chassis, at only 73cm in double mode, ensures it fits through most doorways and can be rolled into your home without taking up too much space. It comes with large canopy to provide exceptional protection from sun and rain as well as peekaboo hoods to ensure you can check in on your kids at all times.

There are also twin pushchairs that have been designed with comfort at the forefront, like the Gazelle S Luxury that lets you save time by folding it with the two seats in place. It is possible to wheel the stroller right out of the front door. This is particularly helpful for parents of babies. The lower seat will require removal, but it only takes about a minute. The entire item can be folded neatly and upright. Its slim frame is smaller than other double buggies, and it’s light as well.


Whether you’re shopping for twins or siblings that are close in age, there are various designs to choose from. Some single prams can be transformed into a twin buggy by a simple conversion, others are built as twin buggies right from the start. Whatever model you pick it’s crucial to choose one that fits your family’s lifestyle and needs.

Most twin buggies come in tandem or side-by-side models that allow children to sit in a row, either next to or behind. Side-by-side models tend to be narrower and easier to manoeuvre and can be suitable for kids or babies with different age groups. Tandems might not be able to fit in smaller car boot spaces, but they allow children to play.

Many twin buggies have various features that parents will love. Look for adjustable five-point safety harnesses, multiple recline options for the seat and a huge front canopy that can be extended with a peek-a-boo hood. Some models also feature a parent tray with cup holders, a change mat, and an under-seat basket to store things in.

Selecting the right type of wheel and size is a important aspect to consider for your twin buggy. Double buggy wheels that have all-terrain capability will let you easily navigate mud, gravel, and uneven surfaces. Choose a buggy that has a suspension system for more control.

If you’re planning on using your twin buggy for long walks, think about a model with a spacious cargo bag. This will allow you to carry more than your two children, and it’ll make it easier to keep the track of their belongings. Consider adding sun visors, rain covers and shopping tray to your bag.

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