How to Choose a Pushchair Shop

A pram is a fantastic way to get your baby around, but it can be costly. Pick a model that is both robust and comfortable for your child. It must be able to fit the car seat or carrycot.

If you want your stroller to last a long time spray it regularly with silicone lubricant. This will stop it from rusting and will keep the wheels in good working order.


When you have children selecting a pushchair is likely to be among the most important purchases you make. With a myriad of styles and accessories on offer it can be a challenge to decide what’s best for your family. This guide will help you learn the jargon and help you find the perfect pushchair that fits your baby’s needs and budget.

The first step is to comprehend the differences between a buggy stroller, pram, or buggy. A pram is typically the ability to lie down, while the pushchair can be used in a sitting position. A stroller is smaller, more compact and designed specifically for toddlers. A travel system combines the pushchair with a car seat and sometimes a carrycot. It can be used for your child as young as birth until around three or four years old. age.

There are also triple and twin pushchairs available with some suitable for babies of a similar age, while others are suitable for babies with a smaller age gap. These pushchairs can be used by up to three children, and are often equipped with additional features such as a newborn bassinet or twin rain covers.

The type of brake on your pushchair is also important. Some pushchairs come with an foot brake, whereas others include a handbrake which can be activated with your thumb. The type of brake you select will be based on your preference and the amount you use the pushchair. It is crucial to test the brakes on a regular basis for security reasons and to make sure they’re working correctly. You can test your brakes quickly by pushing a large object, like a shopping bag along the floor of your pushchair.

Easy to maneuver

When choosing a pushchair it is essential to think about the type of terrain you are going to use it on. Some pushchairs have features that are designed to be used on specific terrains. They include large rubber tyres to handle bumpy terrain and suspensions for smooth rides. Based on your needs you may consider a three – or four-wheeled pushchair. Three-wheeled pushchairs are heavier than those with four wheels, but they can still be pushed well on rough terrain. The Out n About Nipper V5 Stroller, a high-quality all-terrain stroller, is a good example.

A pushchair should also be easy to maneuver when filled with shopping bags and toddlers. One option is to choose a model that has the foot brake pedal, or a handbrake that is active. Both types of brakes are able to be used when the pushchair is in motion but the foot brake is more practical for stopping and starting your pushchair when you’re out and out and about.

You’ll need to decide if you want a pushchair that comes with an integrated seat unit and carrycot, or an individual seat unit. Parents who have little space or take public transport often will find a pushchair that is able to convert between the two options a good option. The Mima Xari, for instance is a highly rated travel system that can be used right from birth with the seat pod or cot and is a compact and clever fold.

Some pushchairs can change from a single model to a double, which is ideal for parents of twins or siblings of different age groups. They can be set up in tandem or side-by-side, and feature reclining options with handles that can be adjusted and plenty of storage. You can also purchase various accessories to keep baby at ease in the pushchair, including footmuffs and rain covers.

The perfect gift for newborns

If you’re looking for your first pushchair, or want to upgrade to a more modern model it is important to select the right one for your family. Consider how much use it’s going to receive and if you intend to use it while traveling or visiting family members abroad. You should also think about how it’s easy to move across different surfaces, on busy streets, and whether the product will last for everyday use.

The most important thing to remember is that it should be suitable for babies. It should be able to lie flat enough to allow your child to relax comfortably. Newborns must be as comfortable as they can therefore having a stroller that allows them to do that is essential. Six months is the best time to move a newborn to a stroller once they are strong enough to stand on their own.

A pushchair that converts into an easy-to-use, free-standing stroller is ideal for busy families. This lets you easily take the stroller on your weekend getaways without having to worry about carrying it up a flight of stairs or getting stuck in traffic. This is also great when your children are similar in age, and you’re looking for an option for both of them.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a stroller must meet all safety standards. This includes having a brake system and locking mechanism you can operate with one hand while holding your child or carrying bags. It’s also important to ensure that it’s light and doesn’t put a strain on your back. You should also try lifting it in and out of your car boot, as well as up and down a flight of stairs to see how you feel about doing it with a child with you!


If you’re looking for an entirely new pushchair or are looking to upgrade an old one, you must think about the durability of the chosen model. The most durable pushchairs are sturdy with a sturdy frame that can withstand bends and bumps. They usually have a suspension feature to enhance the ride, cushioning the impact. Some also come with puncture-proof tires. Other things to look for include a high-quality, lightweight fabric and simple controls.

A quality pushchair should be capable of folding easily and compactly, making it easy to store away at home or in the car boot. It should also feature two locking mechanisms to stop the pushchair from small folding pushchair accidentally while using it. Always ensure that the locking devices are secure prior to using the pushchair, and ensure that anyone else who will be using it is able to operate them.

Many families choose a pram that has seats that can be laid flat to ensure that your baby can sleep in comfort during the early months. They can be reversible, back-facing or forward-facing. They can be used from birth and some are compatible with an infant car seat and carrycot making them suitable for travel systems.

If you plan to be using public transportation frequently, a durable and lightweight stroller is the best option. It folds easily and locked so that you can make use of your hands for other things. It can be adapted to carry items like a shopping bag and a baby carrier as well as other accessories. If you’re planning to take your child for a stroll in the park, think about choosing a stroller with a canopy, sun shade or parasol to protect them from harmful UV rays and heat. In cold conditions, a footmuff is a great way to keep your child warm. Some can be transformed into liners and pram quilts.


Whether you want a pushchair shop that has a hood you can pull down over your baby’s head to shield your child from sun damage, or a handle that’ll feel nice in your hands, there’s something to suit all. You may use your pushchair for many years. Pick a model that looks just as good in the year ahead like it does today.

If you’re looking for a modern alternative to a traditional pram, try the iCandy Airo. It is designed to expand with your child the Airo is a stylish pushchair buggy that comes with an easy-to-leap seat for infants up to toddler age and a durable, stylish fabric that comes in a range of colours. It’s easy to use, with large rear tyres and all-wheel suspension to glide over the most bumpy of roads and streets. It also folds flat and fits neatly into the back of your car’s boot. It can be paired with a Maxi-Cosi chair to make a complete travel set.

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