Buying a Double Pushchair For Twins Or Two Siblings Close in Age?

Double pushchairs are ideal for families with twins or children of similar ages. Select from tandem models or side-byside configurations such as the Mountain Buggy Duet V3 which is small enough to fit through standard doors.

Many models can be used with a baby car seats and come with reclined seats. Some models can even be changed to single mode. The egg2 Pushchair is a popular choice because of its design and flexibility.

Side by Side

The side-by-side buggy is a classic option for families with twins or siblings of various age. They usually have two fixed seats with a single canopy, and are generally wider than an inline buggy, which gives both children the same view. They’re easy to move, and some even have front and rear suspensions to allow for better handling over bumps or over the kerb while turning.

While they are more expensive than other double buggies but they tend to be more resale-worthy, especially if you choose a well-known brand. They’re also great for jogging and can withstand rough terrain. The seats offer plenty of space for your children to relax. Buggies come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your family’s taste.

Some models come with additional accessories that can help keep your baby snug. They can include baby blankets and cushions for seats, liners and head supports. They could also come with pockets for storing snacks and toys. Parents can find the perfect buggy that features an area for keeping their important items close by.

The 2023 version of this popular buggy comes with a new look and a larger sun canopy and fresh logos. It’s a chic option for parents who are image-conscious and compatible with iCandy child car seats. It’s easy to assemble although Kerry discovered that it took a while to take the pieces out of their boxes. However, the boxing was well-labeled and efficient which made it easy to understand what to expect from each piece.

It’s heavier than other double buggies, but still relatively light for an inline model. It’s also extremely versatile and it can be used with one or two infant car seats. It can be converted from a single seat into a tandem with just one click.

The UPPAbaby vista V2 is a great double stroller that is ideal for parents with busy schedules. It’s easy to maneuver and can cope with rough terrain. It comes with a large basket, independent recline on both seats, and a five-point cushioned harness to keep your kids safe.


This innovative frame can be expanded in width, allowing a second seat to be added without the need for compromise in space. It’s a great choice for twins as young as birth, and will take 2 car seats or carrycots also and is a great travel system for road trips. It’s a little heavier than its rivals and could seem a bit bulky when used in double mode but it’s got plenty of storage space, including a roomy shopping basket. The iCandy Peach is a favourite for parents who are conscious of their image and has an incredibly sleek, stylish design. The reclining seat moves into four different positions, and it’ll grow with your children up to 25kg. The addition of a second seat is simple thanks to the quick-release Velcro fasteners, and this model can be used in tandem mode, with one child sitting on top of the other. It’s a great choice if you have sleepy newborns that you don’t want to disturb during their sleep.

This arrangement places the seats one in front of another, making it harder for toddlers and their parents to get distracted while they’re out and about. This type of pushchair has an upholstered seat that can recline completely which makes it suitable for babies. A lot of models have a taller sitting position, with a more upright backrest in the back for older children, and it’s usually possible to set them to face each other or world facing, depending on the style of the pushchair. It’s easier to get through narrow doors with a tandem pushchair however, it can be difficult to navigate kerbs or staircases with two children in the back.

This multi-purpose pushchair is a great option for families with children with special needs. It’s a great option for kids with disabilities who benefit from having a younger sibling to play and encourage. It’s not inexpensive, but it’s constructed to last. There’s plenty of storage for all your needs. It comes with a range of accessories to allow you to personalize the buggy to meet your family’s requirements like rain covers or liners.


The most lightweight double pushchairs are nimble, compact and simple to use. Some have air-filled tires to aid in their glide on rough surfaces. They can also have an easy fold with one hand and shoulder straps that make them easier to carry. You could consider adding additional accessories like a foot muff, a sunshade or rain cover.

The Cybex Mios is a lightweight double stroller that comes at a low price. It is it is a fully-functional travel system and a lightweight buggy that can be used from birth, with the addition of a carrycot. It has a side-by-side design and the two seats recline independently, making it a perfect position for babies and toddlers. It has a generous UPF 50+ canopy that has peekaboo windows, and the toddler seat is fully padded with foot and leg rests that can be adjusted.

Another top contender is the UPPAbaby Vista 2. It can accommodate twins or a baby as well as a toddler, and is compatible with a variety of car seats. It has a stylish and sleek frame with large wheels on the back to handle rough terrain. It’s ideal for running. It can be a bit long when in double mode, though it doesn’t have storage space underneath the seat.

When comparing different double pushchairs, take into consideration the weight of the frame, seat and suspension. The heavier the buggy, the harder it’ll be to push, particularly over uneven surfaces. Check the folding dimensions, and see if it’s possible to remove the seat to make it smaller. Consider features such as one-handed folding system, which Kirstie, a home tester at the time, described as “genius” or a strap can be worn over your shoulder.

You can also choose a tandem double stroller, that places the children one behind another. It’s not as easy to maneuver as a side-by-side, but it’s still a great option for many families and could be more suitable for older toddlers. Some tandems have reclining seats that allow children to lay down or sit up depending on their mood.


A double pushchair that is well-designed can make your outings easier no matter if you have twins or two kids with similar age. There are a variety of comfy options on the market. Whether you want to buy a side-by-side model that can accommodate a seat and carrycot or a tandem with an removable rear and front seat, there’s sure to be the perfect choice for your family.

In addition to buckles, straps with padding and headrests, look for seats with multiple reclining positions and adjustable calf rests. These are typically controlled by single-handed buttons that are accessible from the rear of the seat. (Though in our tests, it can be difficult for parents with small hands). Some of the top double pushchairs come with an enormous UPF 50+ sun canopy that has magnetic peekaboo windows and an easy-to-use hood extender that can protect your children from harmful UV radiation.

Convertible Doubles

One of the best ways to save money is to purchase a convertible pushchair which can be converted from single to double buggy mode to double as your children develop. The egg2, for instance, is a stylish choice that can be used with the toddler seat included or baby carrier from birth and comes with a second RumbleSeat for older siblings. The reclining seats and spacious carrycots were especially well-loved by test subjects at home who loved how it could grow with your family.

On the other the other hand, if you’re searching for a low-cost option that can last from birth until toddlerhood, consider the iCandy Venus. It comes with a seat and footmuff, but it can be combined with the brand’s newborn cocoons (available separately at PS59 each) to turn it into an infant pram that can be used by twins or infants/toddlers. Our labs were impressed by the ease of use to switch between configurations. They also found the instructions to be clear and straightforward, although it may take some time.

Some double pushchairs allow you to place your children side-by-side and are generally oriented towards the world however there are some exceptions such as the Bugaboo Donkey and Mountain Buggy Duet that can be set up to have both front and rear facing seating (though this can result in an increase in the overall width of the chassis). Kerb popping is typically easier with a tandem but getting through doorways and narrow aisles of shopping can be difficult at times.

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