Buying a New Born Push Chair

A premium pushchair that’s perfect for infants due to the premium knitted fabrics and a comfortable seat. It’s also simple to put together and easily navigate the aisles of a small store.

Newborns should always lie flat, so go for a model that has either a carrycot or car seat/carrycot combination that is suitable for babies from birth. Some models have a reversible seating unit so you can choose to have your baby face either you or the world.


A pushchair (also called buggy, pram or stroller) is among the most frequently used baby products, so safety should be an important consideration when choosing one. The first thing you should look for is a harness with five points. This system secures the child in the seat with five points that connect in a central locking system – two across the shoulders and two between the hips as well as between the legs. This system will prevent the child from slipping out of the seat in the event that the car is flipped over, or while driving over a kerb with a steep slope.

For newborns carrying a carrycot or car seats, prams and carrycots are essential. They should be able to lay flat. This is to protect their spine development and allows them to breathe freely. This is important because it lowers the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Newborn babies should not be pushed for long distances in an infant pushchair that does not provide this feature even if they are able to be pushed in a reclining seat unit.

It is also recommended to purchase a pushchair that is suitable from birth. The pushchair must be suitable for use with a carrycot that is able to lay flat, or an infant car seat/pram. It should also have a seat unit that is fully reversible to allow the baby to be able to face either the parent or the world.

Lastly, the wheels of the pushchair need to be sturdy and have an adequate suspension to reduce bumps and vibrations as well having brake pedals that can easily be reached. Many pushchairs are fitted with pneumatic tyres that can absorb shocks better than standard tyres and can be used on terrains that are rough.

Other accessories like a raincover, shopping baskets or changing bags for prams can be useful for daily use, particularly when you are you are running errands with your baby in the stroller. Many pushchairs come with an hood that can be put over the baby’s head, thereby shielding them from the sun and wind. Certain hoods are adjustable and allow you to raise or lower them based on the weather.


You’ll want a pushchair for your newborn that is comfortable for both the baby and the parent. This could mean padded seats and a pushchair that is easy to move and sturdy enough to stand up to rough terrain. You will also need to look at other features, such as storage and protection from the weather. If you intend to use the stroller for jogging or for off-road excursions you’ll need a stroller with larger wheels. This will provide your child maximum comfort on even the most sloping terrain.

The ideal pushchair for a newborn is a travel pushchair system or pram that has a carrycot. This allows your baby to sleep in a lying position, which is crucial for developing the spine and lungs. Some pushchairs that are labelled as suitable from birth will actually require your child to sit up independently before they can be used, therefore make sure you check this before purchasing.

A bassinet is a great option to provide a cot-like area where your child can relax while remaining safe and secure within the Pushchair sale uk. They are generally more expensive than a traditional pushchair or even a traveling system, but could be worth the extra cost when your baby is content to be in this kind of seat.

Some pushchairs let you ‘face the seat’ towards you for reassurance or bonding. You can also turn away to explore the world. They are commonly called parent-facing or world-facing pushchairs. Some pushchairs offer an option to convert them from single to double. This means that they can be converted into a double pushchair without needing a separate frame.

You’ll require a parasol for your pushchair on hot days to protect your child from direct sunlight and to prevent them from overheating. Many manufacturers include this in the pushchair bundle or sell it on its own so be sure to look for this. In colder weather you might want to include a footmuff which will keep your baby warm and cozy. They are available in different styles, and most can be washed in the washing machine.


When looking for a brand new push chair it is crucial to consider the finer details, particularly since it is likely to be among the most used baby products. For instance, some models are designed for use on rough terrain, with bigger wheels and a heavy duty frame. Some models are lighter and easier to maneuver when folded. Some have adjustable seat padding, an extendable SPF canopy, and the footmuff to keep you warm in colder weather.

It is recommended to lay newborns flat, as this helps with spinal development and opens their airways. This can be achieved using an infant pram/pushchair, a carrycot or a travel system. Some pushchairs come with a fully reclining seat unit or carrycot and are suitable for babies from the time of birth. Make sure that this feature is present as some descriptions only provide the option of reclining, but do not mention an option for a seat that is lying flat.

Most pushchairs offer the choice of a parent facing or world facing seat, so that you can choose to have your baby face you to bond with you or away from you so that they can explore the world around them. Some pushchairs allow both simultaneously!

Many pushchairs come with a selection of accessories, like shopping trays and baskets to help parents. Some also have an inbuilt sunshade that is usually made from SPF or UPF 50+ fabrics to protect the baby from the sun. Other popular accessories include parasols that can be attached to the frame of the pushchair or sunmuffs, which are often sold separately.


It is essential to take time to research your options and adhere to your budget. It’s important to remember that the pram will be in your home for a long duration and is also the most used item, so make sure you purchase one that is suitable for your needs and is comfortable for you and your baby.

Consider purchasing a travel system which includes a carrycot and seat. This is the safest method to transport a newborn, because it makes sure they sleep flat. This is ideal for protecting their spine and opening up their airways. Newborns should be transported in a reclining position until they reach six months old.

Some pushchairs can be used from birth and also have an adjustable seat that can be reclined to an upright position. This is important as it protects the baby’s developing spine and allows them to sleep comfortably during long journeys. It’s important to know that not all pushchairs marked “lie-flat” actually provide a completely flat position. It is important to verify this before purchasing.

It is also worth considering the option of a model that has a large shopping basket, which is crucial for storing all of your baby’s necessities and other things. The basket should be simple to access and you should be able to fit your shopping in without difficulty or having to take your baby from the carrier.

Another factor to consider is the wheels, which vary between models. Some have swivel, fixed or lockable wheels which can aid in maneuvering the pushchair in various situations. Other models have larger wheels which can be more stable over rough terrain, or are equipped with PU tyres which are specifically designed to resist puncture.

Also, you should consider the size of the handlebar, and whether it is adjustable to fit your height. It is also important to ensure that the pushchair can be folded down to fit into your car, boot or on public transport. Certain models, such as the Joie Vinca, have one-handed folds that were highly evaluated by our MFM home testers and has earned it the Gold Award in previous MadeForMums awards.

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