Birth Injury Litigation

Birth injuries can lead to serious disabilities and affect the quality of life for your child. The medical treatments that they require can be expensive and lengthy.

A competent lawyer can make a birth injury lawsuit as well as investigate the incident, gather evidence, present the case for negligence, and also represent you in settlement negotiations or in court in the event of a trial.


In over 90% of medical malpractice cases, plaintiffs and defendants sign an agreement for settlement before going to trial. Both parties are able to avoid the high and stressful court costs and receive compensation for the plaintiff. If a trial is not feasible, a jury determines whether the defendants are accountable to pay compensation and what amount.

The first step to receiving financial compensation for a birth injury in your child is to prove the doctor who gave birth to your baby had a professional relationship with you and that he breached this obligation during the birthing procedure. This can be accomplished with medical documents and hospital bills. Your lawyer will need to collect evidence that the breach was responsible for your child’s injuries.

Once you have the evidence, your attorney will submit a package of demands to the malpractice insurance carriers of the defendants. This document includes a letter detailing the injuries suffered by your child, and any supporting evidence. The malpractice insurance company will look over the request and decide whether to decide whether to accept or deny it. If the demand is rejected then your lawyer will file a lawsuit.

Your lawyer could suggest that in the event that a lawsuit is successful for birth injury, a portion of the settlement or award be placed into a special needs fund. This will permit your child to access future funds for things like medicines and physical therapy as well as home modifications.


In certain instances lawyers may try for a settlement in order to settle the issue without having to go to court. Settlements provide an amount of money to the plaintiff and leads to an official agreement that concludes the matter.

An attorney’s team will seek evidence to show that medical professionals didn’t meet a certain standard of care, causing an injury. Lawyers for defendants will also gather their own evidence to prove the assertions. The attorneys will then meet with one and negotiate a settlement amount. If a settlement isn’t reached the case will be sent to trial.

The trial process can take months or even years to be completed. It can be stressful, dangerous and painful for plaintiffs who have to relive the trauma of their child’s eagar Birth injury lawsuit [] injuries. The winning party could win an enormous amount. But, a party that loses can file an appeal of the decision.

An experienced birth injury lawyer can make all the difference in your case. A legal professional can help you get the best possible outcome through each stage of the litigation process, from the drafting of the demand letter, to filing the lawsuit, discovery, settlement negotiations and trial, and in the event of an appeal, if necessary. They can help you obtain compensation that can change your life and that of your family. A lawyer can help you establish a an expert network to support your claim. The legal team at Lipsitz Green will investigate your case to determine the reason for the injury occurred and fight for fair compensation.

Statute of Limitations

The medical profession has its own set of rules that must be adhered to during procedures. This includes the statute of limitations which has a time limit for filing lawsuits. This limitation is designed to ensure that claims can be filed while evidence is still available and witnesses’ memories are still fresh. Even if a lawsuit has an established legal foundation the case will be dismissed if filed after the statute has expired.

For victims of la puente birth injury lawsuit injuries the statute of limitations may be especially important. A successful case could result in the compensation needed for future and ongoing medical expenses, lost wages from missing work in order to take care of the child, and emotional distress. In certain cases, the jury or judge may also award punitive damage to punish defendants for the most reckless of negligence.

Victims of el cajon birth injury attorney injuries should have a New York attorney familiar with these kinds of claims. They are able to investigate the incident and gather evidence, make a case for negligence and reach a settlement or go to trial if necessary. In certain instances the defendant could try to dismiss a lawsuit by claiming that the statute of limitation is over. A lawyer will be able to swiftly determine whether this is the situation. If the matter involves a hospital that is public, which are operated by local or federal government in a different and possibly shorter statute of limitations could be in effect.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can help juries and judges to understand the evidence and facts of the medical malpractice case. They may also provide expert opinions or inferences to assist them in making a decision. They are permitted to do this because their expertise is more reliable and detailed than those of a layperson or someone without medical training.

A lawyer may hire an expert witness to review medical records, provide testimony, and assist the lawyer in preparing the case. The expert would sign an affidavit and then give evidence in court. An expert could be an employee of the defendant’s hospital or health care system, or an individual who is not employed by the institution.

The expert’s testimony should reflect the current medical knowledge in the case at the time. The expert should not condemn actions that fall within the generally accepted standards of practice or support performance that is outside of the standards. Experts should be willing and able to submit transcripts of depositions and courtroom testimony to peers to be reviewed. They should not be a part of contracts where the fees for expert testimony are excessively high in comparison to the time and effort.

Parents of a child who has suffered a serious birth trauma can seek damages to pay for the future expenses they’ll have to pay to care for their child and any previous expenses that have been paid for. A lawyer who is steadfast can determine if negligence involved in a child’s birth injury and secure compensation to ease a family’s financial burden.

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