Birth Defect Lawsuits

While medical advances have diminished the risk of pregnancy but negligence is the cause of many birth injuries and birth defects. For example, whether it was due to chemical exposure at work or improperly prescribed drugs, parents who are stunned often have an opportunity to pursue compensation.

In many states, the statute of limitations in many states is just one year. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with an attorney early as possible. An experienced lawyer can guide clients through the process and help them determine the value of their case.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims can be filed at any point in the labor, pregnancy or the delivery process. Medical malpractice claims may be filed if a doctor fails the accepted standard of practice. This failure causes injury or birth defects.

Doctors must assess an expecting mother’s current medications and take into consideration any health concerns she might have. They must be aware of dangers for her upcoming baby. If a doctor fails to fulfill these responsibilities and causes harm, they could be held liable for a claim of medical malpractice.

A birth defect lawyer can assist you in determining whether an action for medical malpractice is a valid one and guide you through the legal procedure. Medical malpractice is a sensitive matter, so you’ll need a seasoned lawyer you can count on.

The earlier you begin the earlier you begin, the better. A qualified lawyer for Cottage Grove Birth Defect Attorney defects can help you file your claim before the time limit in your state runs out. Most states only give you one year to start a lawsuit based on medical malpractice, and it requires time to resolve a devastating incident. You require an attorney who can move quickly to gather the evidence and records that you need to prove your case. This is especially important when your baby suffers an injury as a result of negligence in the medical field, since the faster you take legal action and the more evidence you’ll need to prove your case.

Environmental Causes

Environmental factors can play a part in birth defects, despite the fact that genetics are the main cause of cases. These factors are often unknown to scientists and could include exposure of mothers to toxic chemicals or substances at work or home. These chemicals, for example solvents paint thinners, solvents processing materials, cleaning chemicals and certain alloys of iron, can increase the chance of the child developing a birth defect. These kinds of exposures were the foundation of birth defect lawsuits the lawyers at LK filed on behalf of clients who worked in beauty salons and paint factories as well as semiconductor manufacturing plants.

Unfortunately, the majority of birth defects that are severe are the result of environmental or genetic factors. These factors cannot be prevented by lifestyle choices or medical treatments. The identification of the antecedents for a particular birth defect remains an impossible task for medical professionals and scientists. The only way of reducing the risk of birth defects is to educate women who are expecting and to ensure they are cautious with their choices of food and lifestyle choices.

A medical malpractice case with a birth defect distinct from a typical personal injury suit in that a birth defect lawsuit requires a thorough understanding of both legal and medical issues. Our birth defect attorneys are well-versed in these complicated cases and will fight to secure the compensation you deserve.


Pregnancy medications can cause birth defects that include facial and limb abnormalities as well as eye disorders, brain and spinal cord issues, and many other conditions. If a child suffers a birth defect because of medication, the parents could have an action against the drug maker in a lawsuit based on product liability.

A birth defect may be caused by exposure to prescription medicines and toxic chemicals as well as other environmental factors during the first three months of pregnancy, a crucial period for growth. A birth defect lawyer can help you understand your legal options should your child’s birth defect may be caused by medication.

Drug makers are required to test their products thoroughly prior making them available to the public. They are also required to offer warnings about possible adverse reactions. A birth defect lawyer can help parents who want to sue a drug manufacturer for selling drugs that cause birth defects.

Certain types of medicines can cause birth defects which include non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), lithium angiotensin II antagonists and cancer treatments like thalidomide and diethylstilbestrol. The lawyers from LK’s medical negligence department have secured billions of dollars for families whose children suffered injuries as a result of the usage of these and other pharmaceutical drugs. The firm has also defended cases in which children suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals at work or environmental pollutants.


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times in a woman’s life. If something goes wrong, the results could be devastating. Birth defects of grave concern could affect the child’s brain, heart, limbs or general body functioning. This could reduce the lifespan of a child and cause immense suffering for their parents.

Certain birth defects are genetic. Other birth defects can be caused by the negligence of medical professionals and hospital personnel. This can include prescribing medication that could cause elk grove village birth defect lawsuit defects, or giving the wrong dose. It could be as simple as failing to monitor the health of the fetus or exposing the mother to harmful chemicals during her pregnancy.

A New York birth injury attorney must be contacted immediately by a parent who believes that the birth defect or injury of their child is the result of medical negligence. A lawyer will be able to help them determine the best way to proceed and the amount of they are entitled to.

Birth defects can be caused by medical negligence or drugs, environmental causes, or a combination. Finz & Finz, the expert New York birth defects lawyers on Long Island and New York City are able to assist you in cases where your child’s illness is the result of negligence by someone else’s. Call us today toll-free to schedule a no-cost case strategy session.

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