Buying a Double Pushchair From Birth

A double pushchair is a great option for those who enjoy long walks with your toddler and you are planning to have an additional child. There are numerous options to choose from.

Most tandem buggies can be configured in a variety ways. For instance, some models have seats that are reversible, allowing siblings to face one another or the other.


If you’re considering purchasing a double pushchair at birth, it’s important to keep in mind that these are usually larger than single buggies. Make sure that the buggy is able to fit into the doors of your home and is capable of easily moving up and over stairs and kerbs.

Double strollers are available in two different styles that are tandem and side by side. Tandem buggies can be a good choice for parents with twins. Side-by-side strollers work for children of all ages and can be converted to a single-to-double stroller by adding seats.

Most tandem buggies are built with the seats facing one another and offer multiple seat configurations, which allows your children to see each other while they ride. If your children are the same age they might be able to get along or at least not argue over who gets the best seats. You might find that they are more comfortable facing each other than sitting next to one another.

The iCandy Venus is a great option for families with twins or children who require a seat. This stylish and affordable buggy also has the added benefit of being able take an infant car seat, so it can expand with your family. To ensure your babies are snuggly and warm in their cocoons, iCandy also comes with additional accessories that competitors charge for separately, like fleecy liners.

Another great option for expanding families is the Egg2. This stylish stroller is a favorite among fashion-conscious parents, and it can be used as a single unit or in a double thanks to its movable frame, which has adaptors to add a seat or carrycot. It’s not the most affordable double stroller on the market however it does come with unique characteristics that differentiate it from its competitors, including a large shopping basket that sits behind the seat when it is in the parent-facing position.


Most double buggies are heavier and bulkier than single models So keep this in mind if looking to purchase a model that will see you through several years. They do come with more storage space and a bigger basket. They also come with a seat that faces the parent, a sunshade that can be extended, and an open window. They might also include seats that can recline independently. Some models come with an adjustable foot and leg rest that can be adjusted to ease any discomfort caused by walks or prolonged sitting.

The most well-known double buggy styles include side-by-sides and tandems. Tandems are designed with children sitting side-by-side, giving them the same perspective. This can prevent siblings fighting over where to sit. However, they’re not completely safe, and children can kick or punch each one another while riding. Side-by-sides are a classic format, with two fixed seats arranged on a single and double stroller-wide stroller frame. They may not offer the same number of configurations, and are ideal for infants who are able to sit on their own but don’t require the back support offered by an infant car seat.

If you’re looking for a lightweight double from birth Our lab experts recommend the Cybex Venus. This innovative model can be transformed from mono to twin by expanding the width. It can accommodate two or one infant seat and/or carrycots. It’s also compact when folded and comes with a large shopping basket as well as rear and front suspensions to ensure a smoother ride. The seats as well as the added RumbleSeat are comfortable and padded with adjustable foot and leg rests, as well as generous UPF 50+ canopy which provide plenty of shade.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is another good value option. Similar to the Venus, it’s a side-by-side pushchair that is able to be configured to fit your family. The pushchair is able to be set to accommodate twins or an infant seat. You can also include the Baby Jogger Glider Board as an additional child. The seat reclines independently and the City Mini GT2 features some of the most agile handling among double buggies, with testers reporting it’s a breeze to manoeuvre between kerbs.


The padding and fabric of the seat are comfortable for children. In addition the UPF 50+ canopy are long enough to offer shade, and also have a cute peekaboo feature. Our test subjects also liked that the seat reclines at a variety of angles. The only downside to this model is that it isn’t quite as compact as other models. However our lab experts reported that it was easy to open and close.

Double buggies are larger, heavier and more expensive but they’re ideal for families who have two children of the same age (generally younger than 4 years old). They’re likely to be used for several years, so choose an excellent brand that you can expect to last and which will retain its value for a long time.

Tandem buggies are originally a single pushchair, however they have adaptors which allow you to add an additional seat or carrycot (in certain cases) the car seat to the frame. Some of them are fixed doubles, but others – like this one from Leclerc can be converted to a side-byside configuration when your children are ready for it.

Although a side-by-side is generally wider than other types of double buggy, it can be easier to navigate between kerbs since the weight is spread more evenly. It’s not a guarantee to prevent sibling fights. Children sharing a seat could punch or kick each other while riding.

A front-facing tandem is an ideal alternative to a side-by-side model for older children. It can also lessen the chance of fighting between siblings as your kids are not directly facing each other. It’s worth noting that some kids may feel lonely or disengaged when they’re in a front-facing tandem since they don’t have the same view of their surroundings.

The egg2 is sleek modern design, a contemporary style and an attractive price. Our testers loved the ease of use and push, but wanted it had more storage and that the handlebars were a little more ergonomic. It’s suitable for babies from birth, and can be used in twin mode as early as newborn or in the combination of carrycot(s)/infant seats/car seat(s) for twins. It’s also the most flexible of our double buggies, which is why it’s been a MadeForMums popular model since 2009. It is not the cheapest double buggy, but it has a competitive cost and an excellent selling.


If you have more than one child having a double pushchair from birth will make your life much easier when out and out and about. There’s a broad selection of double strollers on the market from tandems to side-by-sides and tandems in various colours and styles. Before making a purchase you must consider your family’s lifestyle and the features that are most important to you. Analyzing your needs will help you narrow down the choices and choose the best double pram for your needs.

A good double buggy is agile, easy to maneuver and should be lightweight. This is particularly crucial if you live within an urban setting where you will need an extra pram to traverse busy streets and squeeze into doorways that are narrow for lunch runs and shopping days out.

The majority of top double buggies are equipped with suspensions to cushion the impact on bumps and uneven surfaces. They also come with a recline function to let your child to lie down. It is also crucial that both seats have straps and buckles that are comfortable, built-in adjustable foot and leg rests, UPF 50+ canopies with peekaboo windows and seats that are reversible, to allow siblings to face one another or the world around them.

Another aspect to consider when selecting a double pushchair is how small it is when folded. Certain double buggies are designed to fold down into a compact size that is easy to carry and can fit in small spaces like cupboards. Some double buggies are designed to fold down into a compact size that is easy to carry and can fit in small spaces like cupboards.

If you’re on a tighter budget There are excellent double strollers at a reasonable price that can do the job. For instance, the Cybex Influencer can be used as a single or a double and comes with an under-seat basket that can be placed underneath the seat when facing towards parents. It is light and folds flat. It also has a high resale price.

The UPPAbaby is a fantastic option for families as it can be used to accommodate two infant car seats and be configured in various ways. It is able to be fitted with reversible seats, ensuring that your children can either face one another or the world. It can also be equipped with a bassinet for newborns.

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