Lightest double tandem pushchair Stroller

If you’re looking for a light double-stroller, the folded size and weight are crucial aspects to take into consideration. Selecting a stroller that is easy to maneuver and compact when not when not in use makes it much easier to put into the trunk of your car and navigate through airport gates and foreign streets.

The most lightweight strollers feature a simple, easy fold that allows them to stand on their own. This helps reduce stress on the body of the parent. A few also come with a broad selection of seating options and can accommodate infant car seat carriers.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus

The perfect product for families traveling. Compact and light weight, it has an easy one-handed fold. All-terrain wheels with front suspension, as well as a multi-position reclining seats can will accommodate children as heavy as 50 pounds. Trays for both children and parents along with a large storage bin and 3-tier canopy that has a peek-a-boo window for maximum sun protection.

The Cloud earned one of the lowest scores on our tests of quality due to its thin feel as well as hard plastic seats and a design that is old-fashioned. It’s also costly compared to other strollers that are lighter and is therefore not a good choice if you’re looking for an economical alternative.

It’s not the tiniest stroller, but it’s got enough features to make it worth considering. The swiveling front wheels make it easy to move on flat surfaces, and it can jump curbs with ease, unlike many other lightweight strollers that veer off course when trying to do the similar thing. The Cloud’s low handle is a disadvantage but it’s at knee height and not adjustable. It’s uncomfortable to push your legs hanging in the air and it’s also not helping that it’s not padded.

During our testing, we discovered that the Cloud was easy to set up and open. Close it is a little more difficult. You have to slide the slider before you press a large white button. It can be quite frustrating especially if you’re trying to manage kids while doing it.

The Cloud has a small, but deep storage basket that could be used to fit a medium-sized diaper bag. The basket is a bit small and you might have to put something in it to reach the back. The Cloud has an adult and child tray with two cup holders each however, they’re too narrow to comfortably hold larger cups or bottles.

Kolcraft has been around since 1946. Kolcraft brand has been in existence since 1946 and is a third-generation family-owned business. The first products they made were diapers and crib pads however, they now make various baby products like highchairs as well as infant car seats, strollers and toys. The company is located in Chicago and is an American manufacturer.

Jeep Destination Ultralight SBS

Jeep Destination Ultralight SBS is a lightweight and minimalist double stroller that is great to travel with. It’s extremely light at 18 pounds (lighter than many single strollers!) It folds flat, making it easy to transport and store. It also has independently reclining seats as well as large SPF 50 sunvisors with peekaboo window. The visors can be adjusted to accommodate children of different heights. It also features an integrated parking brake with one step and is Disney-sized certified.

Jeep’s swivel wheel system is also great for navigating over bumps and uneven terrain. This stroller is not compatible with car seats. Your child must be at least six months old and have a good neck control to be able to ride in the front seat. The stroller does have an umbrella sun canopy with three panels and each seat comes with its own cupholder and snack tray.

Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend is another incredibly lightweight side by side stroller. It’s a little heavier than the Kolcraft Cloud Plus at 23 lbs, but it’s amazingly narrow and slim (26.5 inches wide!) and has a ton of luxe features that make it perfect for travel. It has a super simple fold, is extremely maneuverable and can be tucked away in the overhead compartments of airplanes and trunks easily.

The Joovy Kooper X2 tri-folds and is ultralight, like the Summer Infant 3D Pac CS+ Double Pushchairs With Reclining Seats or Mountain Buggy Nano Duo. It’s similar to the Jeep Destination Ultralight SBS but has some key differences. It’s a little more expensive, but it offers a more shady sun canopy and more maneuverability. It also has a convenient carry strap that can hold children as heavy as 44 pounds per seat.

Summer 3D Pac for Infants CS+

Summer Infant 3D Pac CS+ is a stroller that is light with a lot of features. It’s not just light at 13 pounds and comes with plenty of storage in the form of child and parent cup holders, a sippy-cup for the child pocket, a parent storage pocket and much more. This stroller can also fit the car seat of a child and comes with a brake that is easy to engage that can be used flip-flop. This stroller is designed to expand as your child grows. It can be transformed from a baby to a toddler stroller simply by attaching the car seat adapters (sold separately) and is suitable for children aged 6 months and older.

This stroller only has swivel wheels and no locking capability and therefore may not be the best double buggy choice for steep or rocky terrain. It’s still a good choice for families of all sizes, since it is able to be easily maneuvered on pavements and other smooth surfaces.

This is one of the lightest and compact double strollers, with all-size features. It can be folded by one hand and then put away in the trunk or garage. It can also be used as an infant stroller and is compatible with all car seats without the need for extra adapters.

Unlike most lightweight travel strollers, the Summer Infant 3D Pac CS+ has two separate seats that can carry up to 50 lbs per seat (100 lbs total). The seats come with individual leg rests as well as 3-panel canopy that has the ability to flip out sunvisors and a peekaboo window.

The seats are padded to ensure the comfort of your child. They also come with five-point safety harnesses that can be adjusted in three different height positions. Each seat has an infant cushion, which is ideal for infants. Parents will love the parent and child cup holders, the cell phone holder, and large storage basket. The stroller is also available with the Yoyo+ Board which transforms it into a tandem.

Joovy X2 Kooper

The Kooper X2 double stroller is an excellent choice for parents looking for a light double stroller that can carry two kids. Its sling-style seats are comfortable and provide the same amount of headroom, allowing children to sit together. The Kooper X2 is unique in that it comes with a completely reclining seat, which makes it a great option for naps. Its recline mechanism is simple to operate, but it doesn’t go really flat. Kids who are taller may find that they have a dangling leg when sitting in a reclined position. It also has a huge canopy that we found to be superior at blocking out the sun than other strollers in our best double strollers review.

The stroller is lightweight enough to to navigate through door frames. This was a major issue with other models we tried. It folds quickly and the handlebars are close to the ground, making it easy transportation. Its only flaw is its small storage space, which feels cramped when full of kids’ toys.

Joovy is a family-owned business that creates original, functional and quality baby products. Their product line includes innovative baby bottles, like the Joovy Zoom X2 Double stroller and an innovative raincover that fits an array of popular strollers. The company’s products are affordable priced, and they often feature fun designs that will appeal to kids.

During our lab tests of double strollers, we evaluate various aspects to determine how easy the stroller is to use, such as how easy it is to fold and set up, adjust the safety harness, close and open the brakes, raise and carry the folded stroller like you would put it in a trunk of a car, and then install and remove the infant car seat (if necessary). We also assessed the durability and strength of the stroller as well as whether the strollers have a tray for parents that can accommodate both child trays.

The Joovy Kooper X2 earned the highest score for user-friendliness in our most recent update of our top double strollers guide, as well as one of the top scores in our Strollers test program overall. Its user-friendly design comes with a one hand, no tilt recline as well as an enormous canopy with ventilation mesh that is visible even when it’s tilted. There are also separate kid trays, built-in cupholders and pockets with zippers for parents, and an enormous storage basket.

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