Which Lightweight twin Buggy Double Pushchair Should You Buy?

It’s easy to move around with the lightweight double pushchair particularly if you have children of different ages. They are generally easy to steer, fold and carry up and down the stairs.

This City Mini GT2 offers side-by-side seats with plenty of legroom, adjustable reclining and massive UPF 50+ canopy with peekaboo windows. It also features a smart frame that can be expanded to accommodate a second car seat and compatible car seat(s).


The majority of light double pushchairs we tested are side-by-side designs and they’re generally best double buggy for children that can sit up on their own because they aren’t equipped with car seat integration. However, the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double and Baby Trend Sit ‘N Stand Double are both excellent options that offer adjustable recline in both seats, a wide canopy and padded 5-point harnesses. They are also easy to maneuver despite their bigger footprint. They are perfect for parents who are worried about fitting through doors.

The Cybex Duet is a little different due to its unique frame that extends its width to create another seat, making it smaller than most other side-by-side pushchairs available. It can fit through standard doors and is easy to maneuver on public transportation. It is also an jogger which is perfect if you plan to use it with an infant car seat or carrier.

Another fantastic side-by-side light double buggy side by side is the UPPAbaby Vista v2 Double, which offers even more customization through a modular frame. The innovative design allows you to convert it into a single or double buggy by adding two carrycots or car seats for children. It can even accommodate twins. It’s a great option for families with growing children, and the UPPAbaby also makes one of the lightest and stylish umbrella strollers on the market.

Try the egg2 which folds down to the size and weight of a compact suitcase. It can be used either as a double or single by adding 2 carrycots or baby car seats. Our test subjects were awed by how easy it was to move around even with a load of kids.

Double pushchairs with side-by-side seating aren’t foolproof, though -If your children are of the same age or stage they might be fighting over who is allowed to ride in which seat. If they are at different heights, the tandem model could be ideal for them as it lets them face each other.


While side-byside models are more suited to siblings of the same ages, tandem lightweight double strollers have distinct appeals. Some can fit an extra car seat, while others come with Reversible seats. Others have an extra carrycot or a reversible seat in the middle. They tend to be more spacious and simple to move into and out of, although their baskets are usually smaller than those of single buggies. They also have larger large canopies that have peekaboo windows and a parent cup holder and padded leg cushions for young children.

The iCandy Peach is another example of a lightweight and affordable tandem. The fabrics are less luxurious than those of some of our top-rated doubles. However, it still looks stunning and is easy to use. One of the most striking things about it is the one-handed fold. While it requires practice, Kirstie in our Lab has said it’s “genius”. The carrycot can’t be folded while it is attached. However, the process to attach and remove the carrycot is easy and quick.

Tandem pushchairs that are lightweight typically make tighter turns than side-by-side models but they can be more difficult to drive over bumps and uneven surfaces. They are also slower to accelerate and more heavy to move. This can put strain on your back.

A convertible double buggy is a different alternative. It starts out as a single, but you can add adapters to make it double. It can also have a second seat, carrycot, or both in front. The children can be seated together. Some may have the option of including a buggyboard that can help an older child keep pace with younger siblings or brothers.

The Uppababy Vista V2 can be transformed into a twin-sized pushchair by purchasing additional cocoons at PS59 each. These cocoons create an open space for infants. They can be positioned side by side or attached to face each other and you can use them with the infant car seat that comes with the pushchair (as as long as you select a compatible one). Since they are made of high-quality materials, these dual-use buggies can often be used for years without displaying much wear, meaning they have an excellent potential for resale.


This lightweight double buggy was designed for families who love to go on outdoor adventures and are looking to upgrade from a single-stroller. It can be converted into a jogger with a kit that includes air-filled tires as well as all-wheel suspension. It’s also a great option for twins, or children of different ages and as a triple tandem, it is able to take on rough terrain. It’s also a great choice for parents who are looking for a stylish design that’s as sleek as a single, and comes in a variety of fabrics.

We loved the way that this iCandy model folds into itself using a single-hand mechanism that’s very simple to master. It’s heavier than other single-to double pushchairs, however our home tester Karolina says it’s maneuverable even with two toddlers inside and the carrycot.

The seat can be used with the parent facing, and you can also purchase additional accessories for this stroller like the Roma Gemini carrycots (PS100 each) which are great for babies. The seats are comfortable for toddlers with excellent headrests and lumbar support. There are a variety of options for recline, with the front seat adjusting to various positions, and the rear seat having a recline option.

The biggest drawback of this kind of buggy is that it tends to be wider overall than side-by-side doubles and makes it difficult to navigate through doorways and can be difficult to maneuver around kerbs. The suspension and wheels of these models are generally good at coping with paved surfaces. They’re also lighter than many side-bysides, so you can still get a lot of storage. It’s worth bearing in mind that these types of strollers aren’t as adept at navigating narrow aisles in supermarkets, and may struggle to handle a large amount of shopping. It’s a bit easier to turn them around on the smallest curves of paths, but even this can be difficult. Some are easier to turn than other, such as the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double or the Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Double.


Convertible double pushchairs are great because they can be adjusted to the changing requirements of families. They are typically single buggies, and have adapters that allow you to include a second child’s seat or a carrycot (in some instances) a car-seat to the frame. Some of them can be converted back to a single buggie when your child gets older and starts to walk more or wants to ride on buggy boards.

One of the most lightweight double strollers on our list, this stylish tri-fold model can hold children up to 40lbs each. It also has a convenient basket that can be placed between the seats to store things. The spacious canopy with a peekaboo window, multi-position reclining chairs and front and back suspensions to ensure smoother rides on rough terrain were well-loved by the home testers. It also comes with a convenient parent cup holder, and a large easy-to-access basket. However, they pointed out that the backs of the seats have tiny pockets that aren’t big enough to accommodate anything more than a phone and keys.

This light, high-end side-byside is available in more than 20 different configurations. It also comes with a second seat and carrycot. It features a high-profile steering handlebar, front and rear suspensions to smooth rough terrain and it folds compactly and stands up on its own with straps that make it easy to transport and seven-inch front wheels with swivel locks as well as ten-inch back wheels with suspensions to ensure more comfortable riding. The only drawback is that you will need to purchase a separate car seat or baby carrier.

This multi-functional tandem is the top pick of our home testers due to the fact that it is easy to maneuver and comes with a large basket for shopping that is accessible from both seats when in the parent-facing position. It is easy to maneuver thanks to its light weight (about the equivalent of some single pushchairs). Many people praise the clever way it attaches the second seat or riding board to the back. Parents also appreciated the fact that it can accommodate infant car seats and carriers from various brands, including some that aren’t typically fit in other double buggies.

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