How to Choose the Best Travel Pushchair

If you’re planning a trip abroad with your infant or toddler, you’ll need a pushchair for travel that folds easily and freestanding when it is closed. It is also important to choose one with an adequate-sized basket as well as a seat that is fully reclined.

Also, make sure that your stroller is approved for cabin use, and is able to handle a height that is suitable for parents of any height.

Easy to fold

If you are planning to travel with your child, it’s important to choose a stroller that is able to fold easily and quickly. This will make it much easier for you to carry the stroller in and out of your car boot or carry it up the stairs. It is important to make it compact enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

There are a variety of options to choose from, whether you’re searching for a lightweight travel pushchair or a full-sized. The best ones offer the ability to fold with one hand and are freestanding when closed. You should also consider a stroller that is small and has a big basket to store your luggage.

The Joolz Aer premium travel pushchair is super lightweight, compact and can be operated with just one hand. The Joolz Aer is purchased in the form of a bundle, which includes a baby bassinet, leg rests and a rain cover.

Other pushchairs that are suitable for travel include the Mountain Buggy Colugo, which is lighter and smaller than the Yoyo. It’s more expensive but it still has a range of useful features including a one handed fold and an enormous storage basket. It does not have the same maneuverability and might not fit into the overhead storage of some flights. However it is a great stroller. Colugo is an excellent choice for those who want a light, portable stroller that can be carried on almost all airlines. It features two-sided locks on the wheels which makes it more stable and durable than other strollers. This is a great option if you plan to spend a lot of time outside or in areas with rough terrain.


The ideal travel pushchair is one that’s easy to carry and lift regardless of whether you’re climbing the stairs on public transport or shoving it into the overhead luggage compartment of a plane. It should also be small enough to fit in a small car boot without taking up all the space and it should be freestanding when folded. Some brands have even gone one step further, creating strollers that fold so small that they can be stored in the corner of your seat!

The downside of lightweight travel pushchairs is that they are less robust than other models. Designers have to compromise features like basket space in order to keep them light. However, the majority are sturdy enough for everyday use and can handle uneven pavements – and some have the added bonus of being cabin friendly so that you can carry them on flights.

If you’re planning on using your new travel collapsible Pushchair for holidays, make sure it has a sunshade and rain cover. It’s worth spending the extra money to buy a rain cover made specifically for your model rather than an ordinary one, since it will be much more likely to fit properly and will not let water in.

Our favourite light travel pushchair is the Joie Pact Pro, which is easy to fold and can be opened with one hand. It’s the smallest in our guide and can be packed into car boots that are tight, but it’s still an easily maneuverable pushchair that is suitable for baby and toddler from birth to a few years old. It’s also cabin-friendly, weighing less than 15kg, so it can be taken with you on a plane as hand baggage.


A compactly folded travel stroller can be easily stored in the back of your car, or in the overhead compartments of trains, planes and boats. A lightweight and compact travel stroller will also be much easier to lift into and out of the car and take up a flight steps, which is especially crucial if you’re going to the old European cities with cobbled streets.

You should consider an easy-to-fold mechanism that allows you to fold the pushchair while holding your child or other luggage. You should also consider the weight limit of your travel pushchair and whether you’d like a recline, a deep canopy, or footmuff (depending on the destination you’re traveling).

The Gb Pockit stroller, for instance, is extremely light and small. It also folds so compactly that it could fit into the cup holders of a cafe seat. Its smaller wheels make it more difficult to maneuver on rough terrain, but it still does the job. If you plan to take a beach trip or an off-road adventure and want to find an outdoor stroller that has thicker and larger wheels.

The Joie Tourist stroller is a top choice for families. It weighs just 6kg when folded and it is certified for cabin use. This means it can be stored on an airplane in the overhead compartment. It’s a stylish and affordable alternative too. We love its smart magnetic buckle, and the possibility of it being suitable from birth to 4 years old (as as you purchase the carry cot and car seat adapters).

Easy to maneuver

It’s important to select the model that has an easy-to-use steering system and a chassis that is lightweight to assist you in your journey through the airport and narrow shopping aisles. Choose a smooth steering system and a chassis that’s light to help you navigate the airport and tight aisles for shopping. When not in use, you’ll want to ensure that your travel Pushchair sale uk can fit in the overhead compartment of the plane.

Our testers felt that the Babyzen YOYO2 was the best choice due to its sleek design and premium feeling. The hood has UPF 50 and is sufficient to cover the baby’s. The handlebar feels solid and soft which our testers deemed superior to the handles of other light pushchairs. Our testers were impressed by how easy it was to maneuver the handlebar over different terrains, but they did note that the wheels were smaller and didn’t provide enough grip.

The Graco EeZeFold is another great alternative for parents who are looking for an easy-to-use travel system. It’s suitable from birth and folds down to a small size that makes it easy to stow in your car’s boot or in an overhead compartment on a plane. It’s more expensive than other pushchairs for travel, but our testers have found it to be worth the cost for its convenience and durability.

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