A Small Double Buggy That’s Easy to Push One-Handed and Carry Up and Down Stairs

If you’re looking for a lightweight double stroller that is easy to push one-handed and climb and descend stairs this is the model for you.

It comes with two fixed seats that can provide up to 30 seating options (including three!). Both seats feature UPF 50+ canopy as well as windows that peek out.


The Joovy Kooper X2 is a side-by-side double stroller which can seat two children at up to 50lbs each. Its seats are larger large than other double strollers that are lightweight, and the canopies have spacious SPF 50 sunshades, with peekaboo windows. Other key features include a self-standing bin with a capacity of 25 lbs, cup holders for one parent, and swing-away bars to help kids get in and out of their seats. This is a great option for urban and suburban families. It also comes with the double kit which includes a newborn wedgie for the best double stroller position to lie flat.


The weight of a double buggy is one of the most important factors that determine its ease to push. A lighter buggy is easier to lift and carry, but may not have enough suspension to handle bumps and uneven terrain.

Most double buggies come with the capacity to hold a maximum weight for each seat, and some have overall frame weight limits, so it’s important to check the details of each model prior to making a purchase. Some fold with seats removed, making them even lighter and more compact, which can be useful if storage space is at the limit.

Tri-fold doubles are typically the lightest of models, since they only require one hand to lift the top and lower sections. They are also narrower than buggies that are side by side and can fit through most doorways. The iCandy Geo 3 tri-fold double is one of most lightweight on the market. It can comfortably accommodate twins or a toddler and baby.

Tandem buggies are ideal for growing families because they start as a single stroller, but can be adapted to include a second seat, car seat or carrycot. Some, such as the iCandy Orange offer over 30 different seating configurations, meaning they can expand with your family up to a 3rd child. They tend to be heavier than tri-fold doubles. However, they’re generally easier to move up and down kerbs thanks to the weight being evenly distributed.


The best double buggies for small spaces fold easily and can be folded in just a few seconds. This feature is well-loved by our Lab experts as they can put the buggies inside the back of their cars and save space when they’re not in use. The Joovy Kooper X2 for example comes with straps that can be pulled up on each seat and then the whole thing folds down. Even our oldest testers could do this tri-fold with just one hand.

The lightweight Delta Children LX Side by Side is another great option for a small double buggie. Its lightness is a plus but is the features it offers big pop-out canopy that include SPF 50 protection and a the peek-a-boo window as well as swing-away bars to assist youngsters get in and out of their seats; and reclining chair and leg rests for little ones.


When selecting a compact double tandem pushchair stroller, you need to take into account its maneuverability. This includes how easy it is for both children to ride in the buggy. Some pushchairs, for instance the iCandy Orange with its ‘cinema seating’ (where the back seat is elevated) are better at this than others.

This is where narrow tandem buggies and side-by-side designs can come in useful. However, they are a bit longer overall, and therefore could be tricky to navigate through doorways.

The UPPAbaby Vista 2 pushchair is an excellent example, since it’s a comparatively narrow model that allows for two additional seats, and more importantly, the pillion board, which can accommodate a third child.

Other smaller, three wheeled models, like the phil&teds Dot, are also extremely agile. This is particularly evident with its innovative “dot kit” which transforms it into an inline buggie. It offers two seating arrangements for children of various ages and the front seat can be turned so that it faces parents for an intimate bonding experience. It has a large storage basket and is easy to fold. This is a great solution for families with growing children.


Parents can keep both children within sight at the park, in the grocery store or anywhere else with narrow tandem buggies or side-byside buggies. These lightweight doubles can carry two children of up to 50 lbs per seat and come with spacious pop-out canopy that extends enough to provide real shade with peekaboo windows and padded leg rests for little ones to sit back and relax. They also come with convenient cup holders that can be reversible and placed on the seatback. They also have one cup holder for parents as well as a huge underseat basket.

If you’re just beginning to build a growing family, add the phil&teds double kit to your dot buggy, transforming it into an inline double ideal for toddlers and newborns alike. The clever 3-wheel design makes for easy kerb popping and superior maneuverability, while the sling seat provides an excellent opportunity for infants to bond with their parents. If your kids become older, simply swap the sling for an infant car seat adapter and you’re good to go. With a stylish rain cover and travel bag and ready for the next adventure!

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