Buying a Double Pram Pushchair

A double pram pushchair is great for parents with twins or a toddler and newborn. It makes traveling with two children a lot easier. A lot of models have two padded seats facing the world that can be reversible so that siblings can be seated together or face their parents and an rumble-style chair for older children that is more upright and easier for them to use.

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When purchasing a double travel stroller running stroller, blog post, pushchair, the versatility of the product is a major factor to consider. If you’re looking for something that can grow with your family or need an option that will take your child from newborn to toddler there are a lot of options available.

Double prams are a great option for busy families. Look for features that will aid them to navigate rough terrain and urban environments. The best double pram is easy to maneuver through crowded streets or narrow aisles in stores. A clever folding mechanism allows you to store it at home or put into the boot of your car.

Another crucial aspect to take into consideration is how wide or narrow a double pram pushchair, as this will determine if it will fit through your front door or any other doors you frequent. double running stroller, blog post, prams that are side-by-side tend to be more narrow than tandem models, however it’s important to check the dimensions of your chosen model to ensure it’s able to pass through the doors you typically use.

Some of the best double prams come with reversible seats, so you can choose to have your children face one other or sit facing the parent. This will make it easier for children to socialize and interact with each other while you do your errands. Some double buggy newborn prams have adjustable footrests and seat pads to keep your children comfortable.

It’s also worth considering a double stroller that could be used together with a carrycot, bassinet or baby capsule. You can use it as a double pram to your older child and then add a second seat or carrycot, a bassinet or a carrycot, when your baby is born. In many instances, this will save you money and space when compared to purchasing two separate prams for each stage of your family’s life.

The ability to recline the seats and the canopy at the push of a single button is a neat feature you should look for in a double pushchair. This allows you to create a cosy lying-flat area for your toddler or infant to nap during long journeys. The Joolz Venus, for example is a toddler seat that reclines and an the RumbleSeat that can be reclined in multiple positions at the touch of a button. The seats, which are padded and reversible, are extremely comfortable, and the large UPF 50+ canopy with peekaboo windows is generous enough to provide shade.


A double pram will be a necessity for families with twins or siblings who are close in age and would like to enjoy family outings together. There are many double pram pushchairs to choose from, and deciding which one is the best for your family could be a tough choice. The most popular styles include single-to-dual, side-by-side and tandem. Side-by-side prams are ideal for children who have siblings because they provide the same level of visibility and seating enabling children to interact with each other. It is important to keep in mind that they may be heavier and bulkier, and therefore less maneuverable in busy areas or on public transport.

Dual-toddler strollers on the contrary, are more space-efficient and feature two toddler seats that can be adjusted to suit your child’s needs. They can also accommodate a second carrycot or infant car seat making them ideal for twins or two children with similar ages.

The non-convertible side-byside prams aren’t 100% reliable in terms of preventing sibling squabbles since it’s possible for one child to punch or kick the other while they are in their seat. They’re also not the most suitable for infants and toddlers who achieve developmental milestones at various times as they will need to change seats throughout the day.

Tandem prams are spacious for your growing family and allow you to take advantage of the outdoors. They are a great option for children who are similar in age because they encourage interaction and can be customized with various seating options to meet the needs of your family. They can be large and wide, which makes them less maneuverable than convertible or single prams. They can also be difficult to fit into doors.

The single-to-dual Cybex Wave is a popular and unique design. The pushchair can be used in 30 different configurations from newborns through 4 year olds with the addition of a tandem, a second carrycot or infant car seat. This innovative design not only saves money by not having to purchase an additional pram for your older child, but it also looks fantastic too!


When you are looking for a double pram pushchair the size is an important aspect to take into consideration. Double strollers tend to be wider than single strollers, and usually have a larger footprint due to the extra seat. This means that they can be a bit longer, too. It is a good idea to verify the dimensions to make sure your new vehicle will pass through hallways and doors at home prior to buying.

Double prams that are side-by-side, such as the Bugaboo Donkey 5, are ideal for siblings who are close in age. Both seats offer views of the world and have adjustable seating options that encourage interaction between children. However, this kind of double pram can be quite wide and will likely not fit through some doors, so it is ideal for homes with large entranceways.

Tandem double prams, like the CYBEX Gazelle S Twin Pram, are made specifically for twins or siblings that are similar in age and can be used from birth through the use of a baby car seat adapter. They can be converted into one pushchair by adding a carrycot or a bassinet. This makes them easier to move around on public transport.

Reclining seats are a great feature to look for in a double pushchair since they provide more versatility and comfort for both children. They allow one child to lie down to sleep while the other sits up, and are the perfect choice for babies through to toddlers.

Storage space is another feature to keep an eye out for in double prams, as the majority of models come with ample storage solutions to stow all of your essentials and extras. This will reduce the need to carry additional bags and backpacks.

Some double prams have adjustable handlebars. This is a fantastic feature for parents of any height. This lets you adjust the position of the handlebars depending on your height. This means it is easy for taller parents to avoid stooping and shorter parents to maintain a proper posture when pushing the buggy.


A good double pram must have a secure harness that is simple to fasten or unfasten. Find straps with five points (one over each foot and arm, and a fifth coming up from the middle of the seat). It is also beneficial to have seats that are padded to the max around the shoulders, head and legs. A large basket for shopping can be used to store both children’s belongings.

A solid chassis and a brake that is locked are important safety features, especially for those who travel downhill. Some models come with the option of a telescopic bar, which allows you to alter its height to allow you to maneuver the stroller with ease.

The most suitable double prams for twins or siblings should have two toddler seats. However, some will also be able to accommodate an infant car seat as well as an infant bassinet/carry cot. Some models may come with a large basket, and other features such as an extendable sun canopy or consoles for parents.

Selecting the best double stroller for your family can be tricky. A convertible pram gives you the flexibility you need if you’re expecting another child in the next three years, as it can be converted back to one stroller. A tandem double stroller will be a good option for parents who are looking to keep their children close to them in the age range of.

It’s important to note that both styles have downsides – for example seats in the side-by-side double stroller may be awkwardly placed and can result in sibling disputes about who sits in which seat. You should also look for a model that has a smooth-folding mechanism. This will make it easier to put in the boot of your vehicle, navigate public transport, or store it at your home. A quality double pushchair must be easy to manoeuvre as well, whether you’re driving it down the busy streets or narrow doors. Be aware of the weight, as it can affect your ability to move the pram.

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