The Intake Process for Car Accident Litigation

A lawyer with expertise in litigation involving car accidents can help you determine how strong your case is as well as how the settlement you receive could be worth. This is only possible when all the information you require is available.

The initial step in a lawsuit involving a car accident is known as discovery. In this phase attorneys and their teams exchange documents and ask each other questions under an oath.


Documentation is an integral part of the work in a car accident. This could include evidence such as photographs, medical records or witness statements. In general, the more evidence you have to support your claim, the more convincing your claim will be.

A police report is the first piece of paper you need. Typically, the police officer who arrives at the scene of the crash will prepare the report, and it will contain important information about how the crash occurred and who was at fault for the incident.

If needed your lawyer has the option of using a police report to gather additional evidence. For instance, if the incident occurred at a company or office, an employee working at the location may have recorded footage of the incident. If this is the case, request a copy from the business.

You should also record the expenses you incur as a result of the accident. This could include medical bills as well as records of your treatment, receipts for medication rental car expenses and in-home care or assistance expenses for transportation, and more. You should also document any income you lose due to your injury. This could include old pay stubs as well as tax returns.

It is also advisable to get the names of witnesses. These witnesses can be important sources of information in your case, particularly those who are able to be present at trial. However, it is important to keep in mind that witnesses can change their testimony over time and they may forget details about the incident.

Intake and Investigation

The intake process is essential to obtaining fair compensation for your injuries from an accident, whether you have made an insurance claim or are suing the responsible party. Your lawyer will begin by reviewing your medical records and then obtaining copies of accident reports as well as other evidence. They will also go to and document the scene of the accident.

This information will allow them to determine the severity of the injuries you’ve suffered as well as the current and projected costs for your physical or emotional suffering. Then, they’ll review your financial losses in order to determine the worth of your case. Damages could include not just your current and future medical expenses but also lost income and property damage.

Your lawyer will also conduct an investigation the incident, including speaking with witnesses and analyzing the available evidence. They will also take the driving and cell phone records of the at-fault drivers to determine how they used their vehicle at the time. This is particularly important if there was a collision that involved an Uber or Lyft car or any other evidence that suggests the driver worked while on the clock.

Additionally, your attorney will likely inquire about the defendant’s criminal and traffic offence history during the discovery process. In general, these information are not admissible in court, however they could be helpful to impeach the defendant’s credibility in cross-examination.

The process of negotiating a settlement

After you’ve obtained the medical documents, your lawyer can begin negotiations to settle the matter. The insurance company may make an initial offer that is much smaller than the amount that you demanded in your letter. This is a way to see how strong your case. In your counteroffer, it is crucial to emphasize the most important arguments in your favor. For instance, you could argue that the insurance company was responsible and that there were serious injuries and significant medical expenses. The process of negotiating back and forth should eventually lead to a fair and reasonable amount.

A skilled accident attorney will effectively argue the merits of your claim, including presenting evidence that supports your losses. This may include photos of the damage to your car or a police report, as well as witness testimony. We also know how to determine the value of various elements of your claim, such as loss of income, pain and Vimeo suffering.

At this point, if the insurance company continues to refuse to provide a reasonable amount, we can decide to start a lawsuit in the courtroom. A trial usually lasts between one and two days, and is heard either by either a judge or jury. If your case settles prior to this phase it could take several months. Your attorney may also be able file a summary motion for judgment. This is where you present all the evidence to your advantage and arguing that it’s impossible for the opposing side to prevail.

Filing a Lawsuit

In a majority of cases involving car accidents, the parties can settle their disputes outside of court. Our team will work to help you negotiate a settlement with the other driver’s insurance company or directly with the party at fault. If there is no agreement Our lawyers will file an action against the defendant. The Complaint will list your assertions and allegations regarding how the accident occurred and the reasons you are entitled to compensation. The defendant is served the Complaint and given a set amount of time to respond.

The discovery phase is when our lawyers and the defendant begin to exchange documents and other materials while asking questions through interrogatories or depositions. Our team will be asking questions to the lawyer of the defendant regarding their view of the events, such as what damages you’ve suffered and what they believe happened. occurred. We will also seek out experts to back our assertions.

During the discovery phase, your lawyer could prepare legal documents referred to as motions in court for the decision of an individual judge. This may include requests for the court to block certain evidence or set an appointment for trial. It could take a year or more to complete the process of discovery and to set the date of trial for your case. It is imperative to speak with an experienced Long island lake auto accident lawyer morganton auto accident lawsuit accident attorney as early as you can during the process.

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